Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum

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June 20, 2011 to June 22, 2011

Globalization offers great opportunities to generate more universal observance of human rights, but it also poses serious dangers to the fundamental rights of the individual. National and international organizations are demanding more and more that people, their needs and their rights be placed at the center of the discussion – as it is postulated by the Human Rights Convention of the United Nations. In more than 50 panels and workshops renowned experts will discuss the relationship between human rights, globalization and the media.

Main Issues

  • How can the media better meet the increased demands to deliver information, analysis and evaluation of global interaction?
  • How can the media help to sustainably sharpen awareness of the universal validity of human rights?
  • How can the media promote respect for and assertion of these rights, especially in closed societies?
  • How can journalists protect themselves from becoming victims of human rights violations?

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Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcaster.  Its task is to explain Germany abroad as a cultured European nation with democratic freedoms based on the rule of law, and to promote understanding and exchange between cultures and peoples. It does this with television, radio and Internet coverage in 30 languages. 

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