SEJ Funding Sources — Thank You to Our Donors

Programs and operations of the Society of Environmental Journalists are funded by foundation grants in response to SEJ proposals, media company contributions, earned income, university, media company and foundation sponsorship of the annual conference, occasional regional events, individual donations, and unrestricted contributions of general support up to $15,000 from diverse sources.

SEJ does not seek or accept corporate, advocacy group or government sponsorship of the annual conference. Diverse sources participate in SEJ's annual conference as advertisers, exhibitors and hosts of independent hospitality events. These activities do not designate or constitute program sponsorship. All program agenda choices, editorial choices for publications, winner decisions for fellowships, awards and mini-grant winners are made at the sole discretion of SEJ staff and volunteer program leaders, independent of any organizational revenue source, including foundation underwriters, individual donors, advertisers, exhibitors, and university and media company hosts of annual conferences. For more information on policies of the Society of Environmental Journalists, see

Many foundation grants to SEJ are awarded as general support. Grants received by SEJ for specific projects are based on proposals that originate from SEJ's executive director, with guidance from the Board of Directors. Sources of earned income for the organization include conference registration fees, conference exhibitors, IHEs, and advertisement fees, membership dues, mail list rental, and subscription fees.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, SEJ files an annual Form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service. The public may also view a copy of the most recent independent audits of SEJ's finances (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010/2009) and Annual Report of Activities. Older Annual Reports and Form 990s are posted here. In addition, SEJ maintains a current profile on Guidestar and the Charity Directory (formerly, Foundation Source Access).

SEJ 2014-2015 Funding Sources:


SEJ 2014-15 Grants:



$5,000 - 24,999


SEJ 2015 Conference Host and Primary Sponsor


SEJ President Don Hopey thanks 2014 Annual Conference attendees
in New Orleans for pledged gifts.

SEJ 2015 All Gifts from Individuals*

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SEJ 2014 Conference Contributors


SEJ 2014 All Gifts from Individuals*



Corinne Irwin


Jim Detjen  |  Dan Fagin  |  Harold Gordner


Joya Banerjee  |  Christine and James Bruggers  |  Jeanne Cragin  |  Damon Horn & Meaghan Parker  |  Jay Letto  |  Sara Shipley Hiles  |  Peter Thomson


Ashley Ahearn  |  Adam Aston  |  Jennifer Bogo  |  Glenda Booth  |  John Carey  |  Jane Danowitz  |  Sharon Friedman  |  Amy Gulick  |  John Ryan


Roger Archibald  |  Tony Barboza  |  Perry Beeman  |  Kellyn Betts  |  Annie-Laurie Blair  |  Jane Braxton Little  |  Nancy Brendlinger  |  John Carey  |  Saul Chernos  |  Abigail Clark  |  Don Corrigan  |  Barbara Fraser  |  Gordon Heinrichs  |  Catherine Lazaroff  |  Randy Loftis  |  Robert McClure  |  Bruce Ritchie  |  Peter Seidel  |  Kathleen (Kate) Sheppard  |  Hema Subramanian  |  Loretta Williams


Cynthia Barnett  |  Nancy Bazilchuk  |  Winifred Bird  |  Jeff Burnside  |  Russell Clemings  |  Charmaine Coimbra  |  Deborah Cramer  |  Anthony Davis  |  Mark Davis  |  Kay Deans  |  Sharon Guynup  |  Stephen & Miriam Helfgott  |  Don Hopey  |  Sandra Imsand  |  Alison Jones  |  Tony Livernois  |  John Manuel  |  Richard Mauer  |  Patricia McKnight  |  Susan Moran  |  Kristin Ohlson  |  Sharon Oosthoek  |  Cristine Russell  |  Raisa Scriabine  |  Susan Sharon  |  Alice Slayton Clark  |  Lisa Song  |  Dawn Stover  |  Michael Svoboda  |  Sheryl Swingley  |  Chelsea Wald


Emilia Askari  |  Roberta Attanasio  |  Ronald Bailey  |  Hal Bernton  |  Steven Bingler  |  Jane Braxton Little  |  Jon Campbell  |  Kris Christen  |  Shelby Dagis  |  Joseph Davis  |  Thomas DiStefano  |  Peter Fairley  |  Erica Gies  |  Laura Greenstein  |  Barbara Haig  |  David Helvarg  |  Susan Hess  |  Susan Jewell  |  Jennifer Jordan  |  Elizabeth Karan  |  Michael Keating  |  Sandra Kelly  |  Michael Kodas  |  Judith Lewis Mernit  |  Sunshine Menezes  |  Judy Ostrow  |  Patrick Parenteau  |  Jacob Park  |  Amy Quinton  |  Morgan Robinson  |  Susan Sharon  |  Matt Smith  |  Sara Sneath  |  Ron Steffens  |  Douglas Struck  |  Meera Subramanian  |  Bijal Trivedi  |  Sarah Webb  |  Gail Wesson  |  Matthew Wheeland  |  Margaret Wilcox  |  Mary Woodsen  |  Imogen Zethoven


Adam Aston  |  Elizabeth Batt  |  Allen Best  |  Kimberly Blair  |  Erika Bolstad  |  Osha Davidson  |  Sally Deneen  |  Elizabeth Devitt  |  Emily Dooley  |  Marc Ehrhardt  |  Reid Frazier  |  Tom Fulks  |  Justin Gerdes  |  John Gibbons  |  Polita Glynn  |  Isabelle Groc  |  Roberto Guerra  |  Jessica Hodge  |  Hyrum Huskey  |  Antonio Iallonardo  |  Elizabeth Judge  |  Corliss Karasov  |  Natasha Khan  |  Charlotte Kidd  |  Ryan Koronowski  |  Henry B. Lacey  |  David Lawrence  |  Jennifer Lay  |  Maureen Mitra  |  Jennifer Oladipo  |  Janet Pelley  |  Christiana Peppard  |  Scot Quaranda  |  Nancy Reist  |  Anne Rosenthal  |  Karen Schaefer  |  Ramona Smith  |  Mac Sutherlin  |  Sarah Terry-Cobo  |  Amy Westervelt Girvan


SEJ 2014 Memorial Gifts**

Elyssa Rosen Memorial Mentoring Program Fund



Past Supporters


*   The list does not include names of those who requested anonymity.

** Donations to special campaigns and memorial funds are listed on this page under All Gifts from Individuals and again on the respective campaign page.


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