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SEJ publications help you keep up with the world of environmental journalism and stay on top of news events. Members receive electronic access to SEJournal as soon as it goes to the printer, and receive TipSheet via e-mail. EJToday brings you the day's most interesting stories in print and on the air, including stories submitted by users of the site. WatchDog TipSheet, with a focus on FOI issues of concern to environmental journalists, is available via email and web archives. Follow the organization's must-read Twitter feed @SEJorg.  WatchDog TipSheet, EJToday, occasional special topic TipSheets and the Environmental Events Calendar are also offered as RSS feeds. You can advertise in SEJ publications, including on


Climate Change Guide

SEJ's guide to the information and disinformation surrounding climate change includes an intro; basic science; federal and international agencies; industry, academic, and enviro groups; an expert rolodex; regional resources; and that's not all.  Find Out More >>

Guide to Diversity in Environmental Reporting

The Society of Environmental Journalists published this resource for journalists who want to address diversity concerns and practice more inclusive journalism. Authors Jennifer Oladipo and Talli Nauman created the guide, inspired by discussions by members of SEJ’s Diversity Task Force. Their focus is mainly journalistic practice in North America. Journalists who have not consciously addressed diversity in their work should find multiple entry points here. Find Out More >>


SEJournal is the quarterly newsletter of the Society of Environmental Journalists. To preserve SEJournal's editorial independence, its editorial policies are set by an eight-member editorial board that includes the SEJournal editor, who is selected by the editorial board. Find Out More (including subscription information) >>

TipSheet RSS

SEJ publishes TipSheet  on an occasional basis, with story ideas, source leads and background information. TipSheet was published for many  years on a biweekly basis, and back issues still provide useful ideas and resources.  Find Out More >>

WatchDog TipSheet RSS

Searchable archives of the biweekly WatchDog TipSheet's story ideas, articles, updates, events and other information with a focus on freedom-of-information issues of concern to environmental journalists in both the U.S. and Canada are posted here on the day of publication. Includes a database of State FOI Resources and Actions. Journalists are eligible for a free email subscription; send name and full contact information to the SEJ office. Find Out More >>

The Daily Glob RSS

Find information about the Gulf oil spill — and its causes and consequences — on SEJ's tracker blog. Find Out More >>