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Members-area: includes updates about the annual conference, board elections and FAQs,  member benefits, organizational strategies, and other news from SEJ HQ, as well as upcoming board meetings, summaries of past board meetings, listserv sign-up information and archives, member directory, and more.

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  • Climate Change Guide: to the information and disinformation, including basic science, the major players, expert rolodex, regional resources, IPCC and more.
  • Guide to Diversity in Environmental Reporting: published by SEJ for journalists who want to address diversity concerns and practice more inclusive journalism.
  • SEJournal: SEJ's quarterly newsletter. Advertise in SEJournal. SEJ members: advertise your recent book in SEJournal.
  • TipSheet:  archives of past biweekly news tips to notify journalists of potential environmental stories and sources, posted online and via email.
  • WatchDog TipSheet: story ideas, articles, updates, events and other information with a focus on freedom-of-information issues of concern to environmental journalists in both the U.S. and Canada, posted online and via email (journalists are eligible for a free email subscription).
  • SEJ Zine: SEJ's monthly e-newsletter
  • The Daily Glob: Coverage and resources for tracking the ongoing story of the May 2010 Gulf oil spill.
  • Blogs and More:  SEJ members' own blogs and websites, plus archives of non-member websites.
  • Books: our members' own volumes and their suggestions for resource books you should consult, as well as environmental fiction they've enjoyed reading. 
  • Climate Change Guide: to the information and disinformation, including basic science, the major players, expert rolodex, regional resources, IPCC and more.
  • Featured Journalists: the diverse endeavors of our members and other journalists, including spotlight on members, members' blogs and websites, Fund for Environmental Journalism grantees, plus more to come.
  • Freelance:  resources for the growing freelance segment of SEJ's membership. Freelance Task Force.
  • Freelance Journalists Directory: Freelancers for hire from the SEJ membership.
  • Industry Trends:  current trends in the news media industry — and how they affect the future of environmental journalism.
  • Jobs:  journalism job links.
  • Reporting Tools
  • SEJ Canada:  resources are useful for journalists covering Canadian environmental issues, as well as for those covering trans-border issues.
  • SEJ Español: links to SEJ's Spanish-language web pages and English-language Spanish resources.
  • Source Lists: contact information for several US federal agencies.
  • Teaching Tools: resources for university-level teachers and students of environmental journalism.
  • Useful Links: for your reference and research.
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