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Headline"Arsenic and Mercury Found in River Days After Brazil Dam Burst" jdavis_sej032 min 40 sec ago
Headline"EPA Nixes Approval of Enlist Duo Weed Killer" jdavis_sej02 hours 56 min ago
Headline"Dangerous Pesticides Are Being Found In Colorado’s Weed" jdavis_sej02 hours 58 min ago
Headline"Exxon Made Deep Cuts in Climate Research Budget in the 1980s" jdavis_sej03 hours 4 min ago
HeadlineSputtering Corporate Effort to Save Forests a Big Issue for Paris Talks jdavis_sej03 hours 9 min ago
Headline"There Was No Global Warming 'Hiatus,' 40-Study Review Concludes" jdavis_sej03 hours 14 min ago
HeadlineMost Tanzanians Rely on Unsafe Water Despite Government Efforts: Survey jdavis_sej03 hours 19 min ago
Headline"Destruction of Brazil's Amazon Forest Jumps 16 Percent in 2015" jdavis_sej03 hours 26 min ago
HeadlineCrop Insurance Subsidies Prove Cutting Budget Is Easier Said Than Done jdavis_sej03 hours 30 min ago
Headline"Next Monday: a Busy And Symbolic Day for Paris And the World" jdavis_sej03 hours 35 min ago
Initiatives ItemSEJ's 25th Annual Conference Agenda — Saturday cmacdonald02 days 14 min ago
PageSEJ's 25th Annual Conference Coverage cmacdonald02 days 14 min ago
Headline"As Beekeepers Lose More Hives, Time For New Rules On Pesticides?" jdavis_sej02 days 2 hours ago
Headline"UN Weather Agency: It's Record Hot Out There This Year" jdavis_sej02 days 2 hours ago
HeadlineRare Alliance of Libertarians and White House on Sentencing Fraying jdavis_sej02 days 2 hours ago
Headline"Greens Intervene To Defend EPA Ozone Rules" jdavis_sej02 days 2 hours ago
HeadlineForecast: Derailment Every Other Year If Oil Train Terminal Is Built jdavis_sej02 days 2 hours ago
Headline"What Chemicals Are Used in Fracking? Industry Discloses Less and Less" jdavis_sej02 days 2 hours ago
Headline"The Climate Talks in Paris Might Actually Work This Time" jdavis_sej02 days 2 hours ago
Headline"Global Carbon Pricing Off Menu at Paris Climate Talks" jdavis_sej02 days 3 hours ago
Headline"Vale Workers Fear for Safety After Brazil's Samarco Disaster" jdavis_sej02 days 3 hours ago
HeadlineStandoff Over Climate Study Provokes National Uproar By Scientists jdavis_sej02 days 3 hours ago
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Headline"Hemp, No Longer Illegal, Is Poised For A Comeback In The U.S." jdavis_sej03 days 1 hour ago