2013 SEJ Annual Conference Crowdfunding Campaign for Conference Fellowships

Thanks to the generous donors listed below, and others who made gifts by phone and mail, we are able to offer fellowships for journalists to attend the Annual Conference in October!!

The 30-day WeDidIt crowdfunding campaign ended on Friday June 7th, raising $2,610. SEJ will offer fellowships through a competitive process. Some program costs will be covered by the organization's budget.

The deadline for fellowships applications was June 24th.
See the list of winners here.

The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) is currently developing its 23rd Annual Conference, to be held in Chattanooga in October. Every SEJ conference covers the latest developments in climate change, water and energy issues, and the effects of environmental degradation on human health. We expect Chattanooga to offer an especially rich context for examining “Sustainability and Cities,” our 2013 conference theme.

We asked friends of SEJ to help us fund fellowships for journalists who would otherwise be unable to join us in Chattanooga. Each fellowship is worth $750 and includes a full conference registration and a stipend. Selections will ensure the widest possible representation of journalists covering the environment, based on journalists’ home city or media market, media type, and race/ethnicity. Annual conference fellowship oppportunites are open to all qualified journalists.

Each October, in partnership with a major university, SEJ convenes more than 800 people from the media, government, academic, business and nonprofit sectors, as well as many individuals who have a keen interest in a sustainable planet. Conference attendees are immersed in workshops, panel discussions and tours in the field, as they examine the most pressing environmental issues of our time and how these issues are being reported in the news.

SEJ conferences also offer unparalleled professional development and networking opportunities for journalists, including trainings in media production and reporting techniques; sessions on accessing information and data under the Freedom of Information Act; plus opportunities to pitch stories to top editors and publishers. Many journalists produce stories right from the conference.

Thank you to our campaign donors!


Ashley Ahearn  |  Anonymous  |  Wm. Roger Witherspoon  |  Peter Thomson


Beth Parke  |  Dan Fagin  |  Clem Henriksen  |  Mckay Jenkins  |  David Sassoon  |  Carolyn Whetzel


Imelda Abano  |  Myron Beckenstein  |  James Bruggers  |  Peter Fairley  |  Marc Gunther  |  Bruce Ritchie  |  Lisa Song  |  Muriel Strand  |  Rae Tyson  |  Melody Von Smith  |  Timothy Wheeler


Juli Berwald  |  Jane Braxton Little  |  Douglas Fischer  |  Nancy Gaarder  |  Christy George  |  Gary Grigsby  |  Christine Heinrichs  |  Thomas B. Henry  |  Don Hopey  |  Linda Knouse  |  Cindy MacDonald  |  Robert McClure  |  Jeanne Scanlon  |  Katja Schroeder  |  Miranda Spencer  |  Brett Walton  |  Jennifer Weeks


 Thank you for supporting environmental journalists!

You may make a gift any time to SEJ's fellowships program, or provide other general operating or program support, by mail or through our donations link.


Campaign details:

Donations were accepted through the WeDidIt crowdfunding campaign until 5 p.m. on June 7, 2013 (EDT). The margin of your gift above the value of an incentive is tax deductible.

Categories and incentives:

All donors will have their name featured on the website, and gifts of $250 and up will get a mention from the conference podium.

In addition, we are able to offer the following incentives:

$   10 and up:      Social media shout-out

           50-99:      Post card from the Chattanooga conference

       100-249:      Market/camping bag from recycled plastic, with SEJ logo 

       250-999:      One-year subscription to the Columbia Journalism Review

1,000 and up:      Signed copy of William Souder’s acclaimed book,
                             On a Farther Shore: A Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson

Top-ten sharers/re-tweeters receive a special gift! (Please contact Jeanne Scanlon to ensure credit for sharing on email and Facebook.)



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