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SEJ’s Fund for Environmental Journalism invests in public service reporting on environment and the journalists who produce it. FEJ grants support development and dissemination of significant coverage that otherwise could not be completed.

November 15, 2017 (midnight local time) was the last deadline for story grant proposals to SEJ’s Fund for Environmental Journalism. FEJ grants will provide up to $5,000 to underwrite stipend for freelancers and budget lines for direct expenses like travel, multimedia production, translation, data sets or document costs. Staffers are also eligible for awards of direct expenses.

Grants were awarded in January 2018 to underwrite coverage projects in three categories:

  1. Open Topic: Environmental Issues
    Made possible by unrestricted gifts and grants to SEJ’s Fund for Environmental Journalism.
  2. Marine and coastal issues of the North Pacific and Arctic Oceans
    Made possible by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.
  3. Environmental issues of the Amazon and Andes
    Made possible by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Winning projects are selected by an independent jury of editors. Preference will be given to projects that include an element of international partnership: journalists and news organizations in different countries working together to report an important story and expand its reach.

Grantees retain full editorial control of FEJ-funded coverage.  Donors have no right of review and no influence on story plans made possible in part by their contributions.  Binding agreements between donors and the Society of Environmental Journalists and between SEJ and grantees of its Fund for Environmental Journalism reinforce this policy of editorial independence.

SEJ maintains a strict policy of confidentiality with regard to story ideas submitted through FEJ competitions.

NOTE: We cannot work with early proposal/early decision applications. Notices of awards and declined applications will go out as soon as possible in January. Agreements are co-signed (agreeing on how to describe project in announcement, about reports, other) and checks go out as soon as possible after that. Announcement waits until all grantees in the cycle have completed agreements; however, we don't hold up on the funding if there are delays.

See previous FEJ grantees.



Fund for Environmental Journalism story project grants 2011 – 2017 have been funded by the Burning River Foundation, Compton Foundation, Cornell Douglas Foundation, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, The Energy Foundation, The Heinz Endowments, Grantham Foundation for the Environment, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Cornelius King Foundation, Wyss Foundation and individual members and friends of the Society of Environmental Journalists. Read how the FEJ got started here.

Recent foundation grants have made it possible for SEJ to underwrite projects proposed by three news organizations:

  • For Reporting on Marine and Coastal issues of the Gulf of Mexico 2017 - 2019:
    The Times-Picayune | for expansion of its Coastal Desk.  This team has produced several hundred print, multimedia and online stories (see some examples below), including comprehensive features co-published with The New York Times.  More than 700,000 individual visitors have read Coastal Desk reports online. Tens of thousands more were reached through print editions and broadcast partnerships. The Walton Family Foundation is SEJ’s third-party underwriter for this project.
  • For Reporting on Western Lands:
    1. The Guardian | and co-publishing partners for “This Land is Your Land,” investigative reports on U.S. Public Lands and related issues including “privatization, energy extraction and climate change,” 2018 - 2019.
    2. High Country News |, general support for HCN in-depth reporting of public lands, western economies, wildlife, renewable energy, fossil fuel development, and other conservation and community issues, 2019 - 2021.

    The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is SEJ’s third-party underwriter for these Western Land projects.


In 2017-18, | The Times-Picayune and The New York Times co-published "Our Drowning Coast," examining Louisiana's coastal loss and its human impact.


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NOVEMBER 15, 2017, midnight local time was the last APPLICATION DEADLINE for story grant proposals to SEJ’s Fund for Environmental Journalism

Guidelines and proposal instructions can be found here.


SEJ Members: Fee waived

Non-members: Fee will be $40 (If you apply and are approved for SEJ membership during the grant application review period, you may apply the fee to first-year membership — also $40. Please note that this is a completely separate application from the grant application.)





The Society of Environmental Journalists is grateful to all generous supporters of the Fund for Environmental Journalism.

Providers of Foundation Grants:
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Energy Foundation, Grantham Foundation for Protection of the Environment, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and The Wyss Foundation

Your gift makes a difference!
Please support future rounds of competition by making a
donation today.

Individual Supporters:

Isabel Abrams | Tina Adler | Paul Albergo | Frank Allen | Paul Alvarez | Roger Archibald | Michael Ardito | Emilia Askari | Debra Atlas | Roberta Attanasio | Elizabeth Batt | Tristan Baurick | Nancy Bazilchuk | Rachel Becker | Steven Bedard | Laurel Bender | Bryan Bennica | Hal Bernton | Allen Best | Winifred Bird | Kari Birdseye | Elizabeth F. Boardman | Madeline Bodin | Erika Bolstad | Glenda Booth | Ashley Braun | Jane Braxton Little | Valerie Brown | James Bruggers | Jennifer Canine | Kaitlyn Carpenter | Murray Carpenter | Tina Casagrand | Mary Chaffee | Rachel Clark | Kristin Clarke | Judith Cline | Natalie Coe | Charmaine Coimbra | Mary Ann Colihan | Andrea Cook | Jon Cooksey | Hilary Corrigan | Al Cross | Joyce Cutler | Beth Daley | John Daley | Rebecca Daugherty | Anthony Davis | Joseph Davis | James Detjen | Elizabeth Devitt | Tamara DiCaprio | Emily Dooley | Karen D'Orazio | Aaron Dorman | Jennifer Dorroh | Alan Dubner | Elizabeth Dunham | Misty Edgecomb | Kiley Edgley | Jill Farrow | Daniel Ferber | Daniel Fitzgerald | Barbara Fraser | Reid Frazier | Sarah Frias-Torres | Sharon Friedman | David Funkhouser | Nancy Gaarder | Christy George | John Gibbons | Erica Gies | Lyndsey Gilpin | Rachael Gleason | Daniel Glick | Polita Glynn | Kate Golden | Benjamin Goldfarb | Alexandra Goldstein | Gloria Gonzalez | Harold Gordner | Ann Graham | Sarah Greenberg | Gary Grigsby | Liza Gross | Michael Grunwald | Roberto Guerra | Sharon Guynup | Barbara Haig | Kelley Hamrick | Michael Hans | Steve Hansen | Greg Harman | Thomas Hayden | Monica Heger | Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe | Stephen & Miriam Helfgott | Patricia Hemminger | Joy Horowitz | Hyrum Huskey | Antonio Iallonardo | Jack Igelman | Anthony Ingraffea | Bennie Ivory | Ian James | Susan Jewell | Ann Johansson | Marco Kaltofen | Michael Keating | Melody Kemp | Kimberly Kenny | Joanna Knight | Michael Kodas | Lindsey Konkel | Beth Kracklauer | Henry B. Lacey | Leia Larsen | David Lawrence | Cat Lazaroff | Stuart Leavenworth | Tom Leonard | Charles Lewis | George Lewis | Judith Lewis Mernit | Hector Llorens Jr. | Randy Loftis | Michael Lohmeyer | Sarah Lowery | Cindy MacDonald | Mark MacIntyre | Laura Mahoney | Richard Mauer | Rebecca Maurio | Barbara Maynard | Thomas McCann | Elizabeth McCarthy | Peter McHugh | Patricia McKnight | Sheri McWhirter | John Messeder | Olivier Milhomme | Kristy Miller | Maureen Mitra | Fen Montaigne | Sunny Montgomery | Susan Moran | Bernardo Motta | Katherine Murray | Peter Neill | Mary Hallie O'Brien | Kristin Ohlson | Jennifer Oladipo | Sharon Oosthoek | Judy Ostrow | Patrick Parenteau | Greg Pasztor | Christiana Peppard | Alison Perkins | Le Huyen Pham | Leslie Pilgrim | Bruce Potter | Cassandra Profita | Larry Pryor | Dan Rademacher | Jerry Redfern | April Reese | Layton Register | Brian Reil | Annie Reisewitz | Nancy Reist | Andrew Restuccia | Anne Rosenthal | Cristine Russell | John Ryan | Molly Samuel | David Sassoon | Laura Sayre | Jeanne Scanlon | Karen Schaefer | Thomas Schueneman | James Schwab | Raisa Scriabine | Ron Seely | Nate Seltenrich | Susan Sharon | Kate Sheppard | Benjamin Sherman | Kelly Slivka | Hilary Sloane | Kathleen Smythe | Lisa Song | Kathryn Sorensen | Miranda Spencer | Tracy Staedter | Ron Steffens | Maura Stephens | Jeffrey Stoub | Dawn Stover | Muriel Strand | Meera Subramanian | Mac Sutherlin | Sheryl Swingley | Judith Sylvester | Sarah Terry-Cobo | Andrea Thompson | John Thompson | Jonathan Thompson | Bijal Trivedi | Stephanie Tsao | Christi Turner | Tomasz Ulanowski | Lee van der Voo | Chelsea Wald | Sarah Webb | Christopher Weber | James Werner | Amy Westervelt Girvan | Matthew Wheeland | Tim Wheeler | Clint Wilder | David Williams | Florence Williams | Gary Wilson | Roger Witherspoon | Lori Witzel | Edward C. Wolf | Christine Woodside | William Yardley | Joshua Zaffos | Olga Zilberbourg

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