"Nuclear Rules in Japan Relied on Old Science"

"In the country that gave the world the word tsunami, the Japanese nuclear establishment largely disregarded the potentially destructive force of the walls of water. The word did not even appear in government guidelines until 2006, decades after plants — including the Fukushima Daiichi facility that firefighters are still struggling to get under control — began dotting the Japanese coastline."

Source: NY Times, 03/28/2011

"Bees Facing a Poisoned Spring"

"A new generation of pesticides is making honeybees far more susceptible to disease, even at tiny doses, and may be a clue to the mysterious colony collapse disorder that has devastated bees across the world, the US government's leading bee researcher has found. Yet the discovery has remained unpublished for nearly two years since it was made by the US Department of Agriculture's Bee Research Laboratory."

Source: UK Independent, 01/20/2011

"Extreme Weather Displaced a Record 7 Million in First Half of 2019"

"Extreme weather events displaced a record seven million people from their homes during the first six months of this year, a figure that put 2019 on pace to be one of the most disastrous years in almost two decades even before Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas."

Source: NY Times, 09/13/2019

30th Anniversary Prompts Big-Picture Look at SEJ’s Future

A Colorado homecoming for SEJ, plus a transition ahead, per the latest report from SEJ President Bobby Magill. His quarterly update also looks at preparations for a major strategic planning initiative, challenges and changes for the upcoming board elections. More on what’s in store for SEJ as it turns 30.

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Hurricane Toolkit: Latest Headlines, TipSheets, Backgrounders & More

To help better cover Hurricane Dorian, SEJournal offers a range of resources. Get the latest hurricane headlines, see our Hurricane Toolbox, a Backgrounder on hurricanes and another on infrastructure, and a range of hurricane TipSheets on getting ready, reporting the numbers, storm surge, flooding and flood insurance, dam failures and toxic floodwaters (plus more). Also, an Inside Story on how an SEJ Award-winner looked ahead at prospects of a perfect storm, and a hurricane-inspired student project.

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100s of Young People Join Greta Thunberg In Climate Protest Outside UN

"Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg was joined by swelling and excited crowds of American teenagers at a protest outside the UN headquarters in New York on Friday, in a further blossoming of the youth environment movement given extra thrust by the Swede’s transatlantic boat crossing."

Source: Guardian, 09/03/2019

"The Amazon, Siberia, Indonesia: A World of Fire"

"The growing intensity of wildfires and their spread to new corners of the globe raises fears that climate change is exacerbating the dangers." "In South America, the Amazon basin is ablaze. Halfway around the world in central Africa, vast stretches of savanna are going up in flame. Arctic regions in Siberia are burning at a historic pace."

Source: NY Times, 08/29/2019


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