EPA Plans to Curtail Ability of Communities to Oppose Pollution Permits

"The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to weaken rules that for the past quarter-century have given communities a voice in deciding how much pollution may legally be released by nearby power plants and factories."

Source: NY Times, 07/15/2019

"Trump Defends Environmental Record That Critics Call Disastrous"

"President Trump delivered a full-throated defense of his administration’s environmental record Monday, despite relaxing nationwide limits on air and water pollution and reversing course on U.S. climate policy."

Source: Washington Post, 07/09/2019

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Key Source for Local Climate Change Stories

A long-standing EPA inventory of greenhouse gasses has been gussied up of late, making it easier than ever to comb the data for global warming stories in your community. The latest Reporter’s Toolbox continues its new data journalism focus with a look at this resource, and how to use the info in it smartly. 

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"Experts Warn Of ‘Dead Zone’ In Chesapeake Bay From Pollution"

"When the Conowingo Dam opened to fanfare nearly a century ago, the massive wall of concrete and steel began its job of harnessing water power in northern Maryland. It also quietly provided a side benefit: trapping sediment and silt before it could flow miles downstream and pollute the Chesapeake Bay, the nation’s largest estuary."

Source: AP, 07/08/2019


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