"Bees Facing a Poisoned Spring"

"A new generation of pesticides is making honeybees far more susceptible to disease, even at tiny doses, and may be a clue to the mysterious colony collapse disorder that has devastated bees across the world, the US government's leading bee researcher has found. Yet the discovery has remained unpublished for nearly two years since it was made by the US Department of Agriculture's Bee Research Laboratory."

Source: UK Independent, 01/20/2011

"Bayer Discusses Settling Roundup Claims for $10 Billion"

"In an effort to settle tens of thousands of claims that Bayer AG’s Roundup weedkiller causes cancer, lawyers for some plaintiffs are discussing with the company deals that could lead to a total payout of about $10 billion, according to people with direct knowledge of the negotiations."

Source: Bloomberg, 01/24/2020

"Big Oil Wants To Dump More Wastewater Into Rivers. What Could Go Wrong?"

"For more than six months, twin brothers Ronald and Donald Schweitzer have watched large amounts of salty wastewater bubble up from the ground in their wheat field. The “saltwater purge” has killed three trees and several acres of crops on their northwest Oklahoma farm."

Source: Grist, 01/23/2020

US Drinking Water Widely Contaminated With 'Forever Chemicals': Report

"The contamination of U.S. drinking water with man-made “forever chemicals” is far worse than previously estimated with some of the highest levels found in Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans, said a report on Wednesday by an environmental watchdog group."

Source: Reuters, 01/22/2020

"Plastic Bags Have Lobbyists. They're Winning."

"The plastic shopping bag has long been hunted by state and local policymakers pushing for its extinction. But still it thrives, thanks to the deep-pocketed chemical industry that birthed it and the political influence of retailers and restaurants. Only eight states ban single-use plastic bags. Nearly twice as many have laws protecting them."

Source: Politico, 01/21/2020

"Thousands of Lead Pipes Tainting N.J. Water Will Be Replaced"

"Trenton Water Works — a 200-year-old utility that is owned and operated by the city and serves 217,000 customers in Trenton, Hamilton, Lawrence, Ewing and Hopewell Township — plans to spend $150 million over the next five years to replace more than 36,000 lead service lines in the water system."

Source: Newark Star-Ledger, 01/20/2020

"Oil And Gas: Toxic Refinery Leaks Imperiled Philadelphia Residents"

"Last May, an air monitor on the border of the East Coast's largest oil refinery recorded a level of cancer-causing gas more than 21 times the federal limit. In June, an explosive early-morning fire rocked the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery, terrifying nearby residents."

Source: Greenwire, 01/17/2020


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