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Baltimore City Council Pushes For Action On Sewage Backups

"Craig Bettenhausen is terrified every time it rains. After a storm, the junior warden knows what might await him at North Baltimore’s Church of the Guardian Angel: a putrid stench and gray-brown bubbling waste coating the basement floors."

Source: Baltimore Sun, 11/14/2019

Ongoing Climate Change Will Bring More Bad News on Health in 2020

Illness, injury, death. Those are the worsening health impacts of climate change, as global warming shifts disease vectors, encourages bacteria and foodborne illness, and leaves people increasingly suffering from heat, smog, smoke, allergies and other risks of extreme weather. Our latest TipSheet helps you get a handle on the sprawling health-climate story.

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"Southern California Endures Second Straight Day Of Wind-Stoked Wildfires

"A fresh spate of Southern California wildfires roared to life on Thursday, destroying homes and forcing evacuations, as the region faced a second day of explosively fierce Santa Ana winds that have fanned flames, displacing thousands of residents."

Source: Reuters, 11/01/2019


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