Award-Winner — ‘Trust Your Gut’ but Track the Data

Small market environmental beat reporting can shine a light on serious issues that affect local residents, and Texas Observer’s Christopher Collins does that with a passion. That’s the word from judges for the Society of Environmental Journalists’ annual reporting awards, who recently honored Collins for his work, citing his mix of hard-hitting info and interesting characters. In the latest Inside Story, Collins shares how he gets his story ideas, overcomes challenges and focuses on how issues affect real individuals.

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"U.S. Lettuce Industry, Wary Of E. Coli, Wants FDA Back On The Job"

"It’s the peak of the leafy greens growing season in Yuma, Ariz., where irrigated valleys are lush and verdant amid cactus-covered mountains. .... But these are anxious times for the leafy greens industry, and the partial federal government shutdown and furloughing of many Food and Drug Administration officials has deepened the distress."

Source: Washington Post, 01/16/2019

"FDA To Restart More Food Safety Inspections Affected By Shutdown"

"The FDA plans as soon as Tuesday to restart food safety inspections at facilities that handle riskier products like fresh-cut produce, as the partial government shutdown extends into its fourth week, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said Monday."

Source: Politico, 01/15/2019

"Government Shutdown Curtails F.D.A. Food Inspections"

"The Food and Drug Administration has stopped routine food safety inspections of seafood, fruits, vegetables and many other foods at high risk of contamination because of the federal government’s shutdown, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the agency’s commissioner, said on Wednesday."

Source: NY Times, 01/10/2019
November 3, 2019 to November 7, 2019

World Environmental Education Congress

The theme of the 10th WEEC, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, is Local Knowledge, Communication and Global Connectivity. In addition, various other arguments relevant to environmental education, divided into eight thematic niches, will be addressed.


E. Coli Outbreak Traced To Calif. Farm; Some Romaine Safe To Eat

"The strain of E. coli causing the current outbreak in romaine lettuce has been found in a reservoir on a farm in Santa Barbara County, California, the US Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday."

Source: CNN, 12/14/2018

Farm Bill Sails Through Senate. Now It’s Up To Wavering House GOPers

"Rural Republicans in the U.S. House now face a stark political choice: Either saying no to a bill farmers in their districts desperately need or saying yes and surrendering in their battle to crack down on the federal food stamp program."

Source: McClatchy, 12/12/2018


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