Climate Change

"Court Forces U.S. EPA To Reconsider Three Refinery Biofuel Waivers"

"A U.S. appeals court has ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency must reconsider three of the biofuel waivers it recently granted to small oil refineries, arguing the agency’s justification for approving the exemptions was flawed."

Source: Reuters, 01/28/2020

"Trump Ups Mileage Proposal, But It’s Well Below Obama Plan"

"The Trump administration is making a concession on its proposed minimum fuel economy requirement for new vehicles, but environmental groups and a key Democratic senator complain it does not go far enough, and still falls well below the requirements set under the Obama administration."

Source: AP, 01/27/2020

"Science Ranks Grow Thin In Trump Administration"

"KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Dozens of government computers sit in a nondescript building here, able to connect to a data model that could help farmers manage the impact of a changing climate on their crops. But no one in this federal agency would know how to access the model, or, if they did, what to do with the data."

Source: Washington Post, 01/24/2020


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