Climate Change

"Stimulus Deal Includes Raft Of Provisions To Fight Climate Change"

"The most substantial federal investment in green technology in a decade includes billions for solar, wind, battery storage and carbon capture. Congress also agreed to cut the use of HFCs, chemicals used in refrigeration that are driving global warming."

Source: Washington Post, 12/22/2020

"Climate Change Could Create 63 Million Migrants In South Asia By 2050"

"The growing impacts of climate change have already pushed more than 18 million people to migrate within South Asian countries, but that could more than triple in three decades if global warming continues on its current path, researchers warned on Friday."

Source: Thomson Reuters Fdn., 12/21/2020

"Climate Change Legislation Included in Coronavirus Relief Deal"

"Congressional negotiators inserted a bipartisan measure to curtail planet-warming chemicals used in air-conditioners and refrigerators in the huge government spending and coronavirus relief package that is expected to head to President Trump’s desk on Monday."

Source: NYTimes, 12/21/2020
January 27, 2021

2021 Journalists’ Guide to Energy & Environment

Join us virtually for the Society of Environmental Journalists' 9th annual look ahead at the year's key energy and environmental issues. Hosted by National Geographic Society and co-sponsored by the Wilson Center, Jan 27 at 1:00 p.m. ET, the event will feature leading journalists offering their predictions for the year ahead, following a keynote interview with incoming White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy. Plus: Four breakout rooms!


US Finalizes Shower Head Rule After Trump Complaints About Hair Rinsing

"The U.S. Energy Department on Tuesday finalized two rules easing energy standards on consumer fixtures and appliances, including one on shower heads after President Donald Trump complained some showers don’t adequately rinse his hair."

Source: Reuters, 12/17/2020

Era of Fossil Fuel Power Plants Rapidly Receding: Ending Life Expectancy

"What if President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to get to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2035 turns out to involve not radical disruption but a smooth transition?" "New research shows that most fossil fuel plants will have reached the end of their expected lives by 2035, making it easier to envision Joe Biden’s climate plan."


Source: Reuters, 12/17/2020


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