Climate Change

"Price to Plug Old Wells in Gulf of Mexico? $30 Billion, Study Says."

"Ever since the first offshore platforms went up off Louisiana 85 years ago, the Gulf of Mexico has been an oil and gas juggernaut. But decades of drilling has left behind more than 14,000 old, unplugged wells at risk of springing dangerous leaks and spills that may cost more than $30 billion to plug, a new study has found."

Source: NYTimes, 05/09/2023

Why Fox-Dominion Matters for Environmental Journalists

Not only did the huge legal settlement in the Dominion Voting Systems libel suit against Fox Corp. help reinforce media libel protections set out decades ago in New York Times v. Sullivan. It also served as a reminder for environmental journalists that the “actual malice” standard is a bulwark for their own (often negative) reporting on big corporations. WatchDog Opinion explains.

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Temperature Shift Tool May Help Journalists Clarify Climate Impacts

A climate modeling service designed for journalists may help them not only survive a hot summer but to cover it better too. The latest Reporter’s Toolbox takes a look at the Climate Shift Index, developed by Climate Central, designed to isolate what part of the heat is due to climate change, pinpointing days and places, and providing useful maps.

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"Radar, Cameras Show Sea Birds Avoid Wind Turbines"

"Offshore wind energy critics often cite the risk of collision with birds as an argument against the use of wind power. But a new study conducted by European energy company Vattenfall shows that offshore wind turbines at one UK wind farm are much less dangerous to birds than previously thought, a step towards debunking common claims that turbines are a major contributor to bird mortality."

Source: Climate Denial Crock, 05/08/2023

"Some Farmers Resent Ethanol Industry’s Push For Carbon Pipelines"

"Craig Schaunaman, who farms thousands of acres, has been invested in the ethanol industry since its early days and even served on the board of an ethanol plant. But a carbon-capture pipeline supported by dozens of ethanol plants would cross his land, and he’s against it, even though ethanol officials say the pipeline is crucial to the future viability of the industry.

Source: States Newsroom, 05/08/2023

Tribe Was Barred From Cultural Burning — Then A Fire Hit Their Community

"The land near Yosemite National Park had been tended by Irene Vasquez’s family for decades. They took care of their seven acres by setting small fires to thin vegetation and help some plants to grow. But the steep, chaparral-studded slopes surrounding the property hadn’t seen fire since Vasquez and fellow members of the Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation were barred from practicing cultural burning on a wider scale some 100 years before."

Source: LA Times, 05/08/2023

Almost 30,000 People Displaced As Alberta Continues Battling Wildfires

"A change in weather conditions has helped firefighters fight the wildfires that have forced thousands of Albertans to flee their homes this past week, officials from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency and Alberta Wildfire said Sunday."

Source: CBC News, 05/08/2023


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