Climate Change

For India’s Garbage Pickers, A Dangerous Job Made Worse By Extreme Heat

"The putrid smell of burning garbage wafts for miles from the landfill on the outskirts of Jammu in a potentially toxic miasma fed by the plastics, industrial, medical and other waste generated by a city of some 740,000 people. But a handful of waste pickers ignore both the fumes and suffocating heat to sort through the rubbish, seeking anything they can sell to earn at best the equivalent of $4 a day."

Source: AP, 07/02/2024

Hurricane Beryl Grows To Cat 5 Strength As It Razes SE Caribbean Islands

"Hurricane Beryl strengthened to Category 5 status late Monday after it ripped doors, windows and roofs off homes across the southeastern Caribbean with devastating winds and storm surge fueled by the Atlantic’s record warmth."

Source: AP, 07/02/2024

"Chart: Aluminum Has A Big CO2 Problem. Here’s How To Clean It Up"

"Pots and pans, soda cans, skyscrapers, laptops, even solar panels — all these things share a common ingredient in aluminum. The material is ubiquitous and useful, but the process of making and recycling it is a major source of planet-warming pollution."

Source: Canary Media, 07/01/2024

Beryl, Earliest Category 4 Hurricane On Record, Imperils Caribbean

"The "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm Hurricane Beryl barrelled across the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday afternoon toward the Caribbean's Windward Islands, where it is expected to bring life-threatening winds and flash flooding on Monday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said."

Source: Reuters, 07/01/2024

"Here’s What the Court’s Chevron Ruling Could Mean in Everyday Terms"

"The Supreme Court’s decision on Friday to limit the broad regulatory authority of federal agencies could lead to the elimination or weakening of thousands of rules on the environment, health care, worker protection, food and drug safety, telecommunications, the financial sector and more."

Source: NYTimes, 07/01/2024


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