Climate Change

"Joe Biden’s Climate Law Has Created More Than 300,000 Clean Energy Jobs"

"U.S. companies have created more than 300,000 clean energy jobs since President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law in August 2022, according to a detailed new analysis from an environmental advocacy group."

Source: HuffPost, 06/25/2024

"Behind the Push to Re-brand LNG as 'Green'"

"Earlier this month, the Republican Governors Public Policy Committee sent a letter to President Biden, blaming rising gas prices on his administration’s energy policies and calling on him to back an industry wishlist that includes repealing air pollution standards, increasing oil and gas leasing, and lifting the temporary pause on permits for new LNG export terminals."

Source: Drilled, 06/24/2024

Florida Reefs Are In Trouble. Is The Answer Coral From The Caribbean?

"Off the northern coast of Honduras, thick stands of endangered elkhorn coral have mysteriously defied warming oceans fueled by climate change to blanket the reef with healthy, cocoa-brown colonies branching toward the water’s surface like antlers."

Source: NPR, 06/24/2024

Hawaii Settles Lawsuit From Youths Over Climate Change. Here’s What To Know.

"About two years after 13 children and teens sued Hawaii over the threat posed by climate change, both sides reached a settlement that includes an ambitious requirement to decarbonize the state’s transportation system over the next 21 years."

Source: AP, 06/24/2024


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