Climate Change

"Many U.S. States Are Behind On Their Own Climate Milestones: Report"

"Many of the U.S. states with bold commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions are on track to miss their targets, according to an analysis published on Tuesday by green group Environmental Defense Fund."

Source: Reuters, 12/09/2020

"Trump Administration Is Planting Loyalists in Biden Transition Meetings"

"Loyalists to President Trump have blocked transition meetings at some government agencies and are sitting in on discussions at other agencies between career civil servants and President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s transition teams, sometimes chilling conversations, several federal officials said."

Source: NYTimes, 12/09/2020

"Are Tides And Waves The Missing Piece Of The Green Energy Puzzle?"

"On a foggy October afternoon, a strange vessel chugged slowly through the East River’s mist toward Roosevelt Island. It looked almost like it was upside down: three 16-foot rotors, attached on a triangular metal base, sat motionless atop the deck of the rusted barge."

Source: HuffPost, 12/07/2020


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