"What the Caribou Taught Me About Being Together, and Apart"

"Over the past week, as each thread of our ordinary existence unravels and travel feels like something we used to do, I’ve been holding tight to a single mental image. The deep brown gaze of a caribou calf as it passed inches from my face. The whites of its eyes as it glanced at me in surprise. The animal’s fear of the unknown dwarfed by its clarity of purpose."

Source: NY Times, 04/07/2020

"Ban Wildlife Markets To Avert Pandemics, Says UN Biodiversity Chief"

"The United Nations’ biodiversity chief has called for a global ban on wildlife markets – such as the one in Wuhan, China, believed to be the starting point of the coronavirus outbreak – to prevent future pandemics."

Source: Guardian, 04/07/2020

USFWS Rejects Endangered Species Status For Calif., Nev. Sage-Grouse

"The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced its plans to withdraw a proposed rule on Tuesday that would have otherwise granted protections under the Endangered Species Act to sage-grouse populations in California and Nevada."

Source: Palm Springs Desert Sun, 03/31/2020

Pacific Northwest Rides Adaptation Wave

The final entry in our multi-week “Covering Your Climate: The Emerald Corridor” special report explores how the Pacific Northwest is adapting to climate change, whether it’s new approaches to working the land, changing critical infrastructure or rethinking our mindset. Read this last tipsheet, plus check out our earlier reports on climate mitigation and on climate impacts, plus our stage-setting backgrounder and a reporter’s resource toolkit.

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Coronavirus Pandemic Spawns Many Stories on Environment Beat

The momentous COVID-19 outbreak has many, many reporting angles — environment and energy stories certainly among them. Our latest Issue Backgrounder has an extensive rundown on possible ways in for environment and energy reporters, including everything from respiratory disease and air pollution to science denial and climate change, and more. Plus, pending passage of a massive congressional aid package. And an earlier TipSheet on how journalists can prepare for public health emergencies.

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"A Mustang Crisis Looms in the West"

"CHALLIS, Idaho — Dawn broke over the peaks of the Lost River Range, revealing a chase in the wide open valley below. Seven wild horses crashed through the sage, dark manes billowing in the golden light, pursued by a government contractor in a glossy helicopter that dodged left and right like a mechanical Border collie, driving the band forward into a hidden corral."

Source: NY Times, 03/23/2020


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