"EPA To Allow Use Of Pesticide Considered ‘Very Highly Toxic’ To Bees"

"The Environmental Protection Agency approved broad new applications Friday for a controversial insecticide, despite objections from environmental groups and beekeepers who say it is among the compounds responsible for eviscerating the nation’s bee populations."

Source: Washington Post, 07/15/2019

Scientists Collect Healthy Corals For Gene Bank As Disease Ruins Reefs

"A rescue mission to save Florida corals from a mysterious disease that’s devastating local reefs arrived in Miami on Friday with 400 specimens that may be used as a gene bank to potentially breed new colonies and repopulate reefs in the future."

Source: Florida Keys News, 07/08/2019

Dramatic Ocean Warming Off Alaska Raises Concerns For Hunters, Wildlife

"Exceptionally warm ocean temperatures have melted sea ice off Alaska’s coasts far earlier than normal this year, alarming scientists and rural residents worried about the impacts to seals, seabirds and fish they hunt."

Source: Anchorage Daily News, 06/27/2019

"Public Lands: LWCF Funding Returns To Spotlight This Week"

"As debate cranks up over mandatory funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund on Capitol Hill, lawmakers are exploring ways to fix, nurture and maintain America's treasured public lands and waters on an increasingly tight budget."

Source: E&E Daily, 06/25/2019


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