After Winning Most ANWR Bids, Alaska Agency Prepares To Assume Oil Leases

"The Alaska state agency that submitted most of the bids in a lightly attended auction for drilling rights in the Arctic Nationa"l Wildlife Refuge expects to have those leases in hand by next week, the organization’s executive director said on Wednesday."

Source: ArcticToday, 01/15/2021

"Sage Grouse Review Done, But Scant Time For Trump’s Changes"

"The Trump administration has completed a review of plans to ease protections for a struggling bird species in seven states in the U.S. West, but there’s little time to put the relaxed rules for industry into action before President-elect Joe Biden takes office."

Source: AP, 01/13/2021

Someone Wrote ‘Trump’ On A Manatee. Feds, Florida Are Investigating

"Federal and state wildlife officials are investigating who wrote the name “Trump” on the back of a manatee that was spotted in a popular wintering spot for the threatened creatures.

The agencies don’t think the manatee was hurt — the letters appear to have been formed by scraping away algae that often coats the backs of the slow-moving mammals — but the prank appears to be a clear violation of laws against harassing them.

Source: Miami Herald, 01/12/2021


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