March 20, 2019

Global Environmental Journalism: Under Siege or Dawning Anew?

Come to the University of Colorado Boulder, 7:00-8:30 p.m., to hear from the founder and journalists of one of the most successful environmental journalism startups in the world, Mongabay, as they describe the challenges faced by reporters covering environmental issues in the global tropics and the hope and success that new models of environmental journalism are having on issues ranging from deforestation to species extinction.


Doc on Rare Porpoise Wins Sundance Award

An environmental documentary that follows a risk-laden effort to save a rare and elusive porpoise won over audiences at the recent Sundance Film Festival. Correspondent JoAnn Valenti takes a look at the film, along with other documentaries that explore the role of journalists and journalism. 

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"Butterflies Were Symbols Of Rebirth. Then They Started Disappearing."

"A long time ago, as glaciers retreated from North America, some arctic butterflies stayed behind. The Earth was warming and so they fluttered up mountain slopes, to where it was still cold. As the climate continued to change, the arctic butterflies continued to climb, toward the summits — and then, where?"

Source: Washington Post, 03/12/2019


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