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"Peter Dykstra: Shark Porn"

"Lurking behind the clickbait, a story of risk and reality."

"Our story starts 103 years ago – not only before basic cable, but before Hollywood became Ground Zero for showbiz. The situation begins at the Jersey Shore.

On July 1, 1916, a 25-year-old man bled to death, pulled to shore in front of the Engleside Hotel in Beach Haven, a popular getaway spot for Philadelphians. Six days later and 45 miles to the north, a hotel bell captain was dismembered, and newspapers began to take notice. On July 12, a young boy and his attempted rescuer died in a tidal creek.

Source: EHN, 07/10/2019

"Experts Warn Of ‘Dead Zone’ In Chesapeake Bay From Pollution"

"When the Conowingo Dam opened to fanfare nearly a century ago, the massive wall of concrete and steel began its job of harnessing water power in northern Maryland. It also quietly provided a side benefit: trapping sediment and silt before it could flow miles downstream and pollute the Chesapeake Bay, the nation’s largest estuary."

Source: AP, 07/08/2019

Dramatic Ocean Warming Off Alaska Raises Concerns For Hunters, Wildlife

"Exceptionally warm ocean temperatures have melted sea ice off Alaska’s coasts far earlier than normal this year, alarming scientists and rural residents worried about the impacts to seals, seabirds and fish they hunt."

Source: Anchorage Daily News, 06/27/2019

"Public Lands: LWCF Funding Returns To Spotlight This Week"

"As debate cranks up over mandatory funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund on Capitol Hill, lawmakers are exploring ways to fix, nurture and maintain America's treasured public lands and waters on an increasingly tight budget."

Source: E&E Daily, 06/25/2019

"Chesapeake Bay 'Dead Zone' Could Be Largest In Decades, Scientists Say"

"An area of little to no oxygen could pose a threat to marine life in the Chesapeake Bay this summer. Ecologists from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and the University of Michigan predict the "dead zone" could be about 2.1 cubic miles — making it one of the largest in the past 20 years."

Source: Salisbury Daily Times, 06/24/2019

Greens Sue Trump Administration For Gutting Offshore Oil Safety Rules

"A coalition of environmental groups on Tuesday filed a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Interior Department’s rollbacks of safety measures put in place by the Obama administration in the aftermath of the fatal 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill."

Source: Reuters, 06/12/2019


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