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"Company To Pay $245M Toward Cleanup Of Kalamazoo River PCBs"

"One of the companies responsible for polluting an 80-mile (129-kilometer) stretch of river and floodplains in southwestern Michigan with toxic chemicals will pay at least $245.2 million to advance a cleanup effort that began more than 20 years ago, federal officials said Wednesday."

Source: AP, 12/12/2019

Climate ‘Shocks’ Eliminated 16% Of New England Fishing Jobs: Study

"New England’s historic fishing industry has been in crisis mode for years as the region’s waters warm at a faster rate than most of the world, efforts by regulators to preserve dwindling fish stocks bankrupt boat captains, and a general malaise settles over coastal towns built around the ancient profession."

Source: HuffPost, 12/10/2019


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