Fish & Fisheries

How BC’s Salmon Farmers Fell Behind The Curve Of Sustainable Aquaculture

"Public and political pressure to remove open net pens from the province’s coastal waters has grown steadily in recent years with farms now being forced out of wild salmon migratory routes. So, as terrestrial fish farming takes off globally, why hasn’t the industry been more receptive to rearing salmon on land?"

Source: The Narwhal, 12/29/2020

Lawsuit Challenges Trump's Lifting Of Roadless Rule In Alaska's Tongass

"A coalition of Alaska Native tribes and environmentalists filed suit on Wednesday challenging a new Trump administration policy that opens vast swaths of the largest U.S. national forest to logging, mining and other commercial development."

Source: Reuters, 12/24/2020

"Prosecution Dropped Against 2 Environmental Activists"

"State prosecutors have announced they will not pursue felony charges against two New Orleans environmental activists who left plastic pellets on the doorstep of a chemical industry lobbyist."

Source: AP, 12/23/2020


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