Voices of Environmental Justice

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Voices of Environmental Justice is a quarterly column that focuses on the voices that environmental and climate journalists have long excluded from their stories. The column will feature interviews with community members, as well as practical tips and resources to help reporters better cover these communities. For questions and comments, or to suggest future columns, email Voices of Environmental Justice columnist Yessenia Funes at sejournaleditor@sej.org.

Voices of Environmental Justice

September 20, 2023

  • When climate journalists — especially those confronting various forms of oppression in their own communities — witness environmental destruction and human suffering, the trauma can creep into our psyches. But sometimes our professional stance keeps us from seeing the harm to our mental health. In her new Voices of Environmental Justice column, Yessenia Funes looks at the question head-on, exploring resources and paths to better self-care.

June 28, 2023

  • Veteran environmental justice reporter Yessenia Funes this week launches “Voices of Environmental Justice,” her new SEJournal column. Each quarterly commentary will focus on spotlighting the perspectives of affected communities that environmental and climate journalists often ignore. For her inaugural entry, with Pride month nearing its end, a look at how climate change and environmental pollution exacerbate the already elevated health risks of LGBTQIA+ people.