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August 31, 2009

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Topics on the Beat: 

Some Waukegan, Ill., Residents See Spike in Ethylene Oxide Blood Levels

"People living near Medline Industries in north suburban Waukegan had higher levels of the cancer-causing chemical ethylene oxide in their bloodstream than others who live farther away, according to test results from a federally funded study."

Source: Chicago Tribune, 12/13/2019

"Company To Pay $245M Toward Cleanup Of Kalamazoo River PCBs"

"One of the companies responsible for polluting an 80-mile (129-kilometer) stretch of river and floodplains in southwestern Michigan with toxic chemicals will pay at least $245.2 million to advance a cleanup effort that began more than 20 years ago, federal officials said Wednesday."

Source: AP, 12/12/2019

Revealed: Water Company And City Officials Knew About Flint Poison Risk

"Executives at one of the world’s largest utilities companies knew that families in Flint, Michigan, might be at risk of being poisoned by lead in their tap water months before the city publicly admitted the problem, according to internal company emails."

Source: Guardian, 12/12/2019

Delving Into Drones

Veteran National Geographic photojournalist Peter Essick offers practical advice on learning to fly your own drone. Plus, he shares insights and photos from his most recent drone project, capturing the restoration of the Great Lakes, and explains why he sees the combination of drone photography and environmental journalism as a match made in heaven.

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Drones and Photojournalism — Elevating the Craft to New Heights

A match made in heaven — that’s how veteran National Geographic photojournalist Peter Essick sees the combination of drone photography and environmental journalism. In the latest EJ InSight, Essick shares insights and photos from his most recent drone project, capturing the restoration of the Great Lakes. Plus, in a sidebar, Essick gives practical advice on learning to fly your own drone.

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"‘Polluter Panel’ Hits Pause On Michigan PFAS Drinking Water Rules"

"Business and industry representatives appointed to a controversial regulatory oversight board by former Republican Gov. Rick Snyder helped temporarily slow down advancing drinking water standards that would limit allowable levels of toxic fluorochemicals called PFAS in Michigan drinking water if enacted."

Source: Grand Rapids Press, 11/04/2019

Court: State Law That Allows Line 5 Tunnel Construction Is Constitutional

"LANSING – Legislation approved under former Gov. Rick Snyder to allow for construction of a tunnel to house a new Enbridge Line 5 crude oil pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac is constitutional, the Court of Claims ruled Thursday."

Source: Detroit Free Press, 11/01/2019

News Can Net Eyeballs By Turning Dweebish Data Into Magic Maps

When it comes to telling environment and energy stories, especially about place and scale, data visualizations can turn an average story into a standout. Reporter’s Toolbox takes a look at some recent examples of inspiring data-mapping projects that provide insight into everything from auto emissions and floods to vanishing rivers and whipping winds.

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