Future of Nuclear Power Hangs in Balance of Climate, Costs

Safety has traditionally been the key question when discussing the realities of nuclear power. But in assessing the future of the nuclear industry amid debates over its potential to help tackle the climate crisis, the latest entry in our “2020 Journalists’ Guide to Energy & the Environment” reports that there may be an equally pressing concern. 

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CA Reservation's Solar Microgrid Provides Power During Utility Shutoffs

"California's largest electric utility took the unprecedented step of shutting off power to millions of customers beginning last October. ... Now a renewable energy microgrid on a tiny California Native American reservation is proving to be one solution to this ongoing problem."

Source: NPR, 01/13/2020

"West Coast Fishery Rebounds in Rare Conservation 'Home Run'"

"After years of fear and uncertainty, bottom trawler fishermen — those who use nets to scoop up rockfish, bocaccio, sole, Pacific Ocean perch and other deep-dwelling fish — are making a comeback here, reinventing themselves as a sustainable industry less than two decades after authorities closed huge stretches of the Pacific Ocean because of the species’ depletion."

Source: AP, 12/30/2019


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