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EPA Proposal Guts Curbs On Toxic Herbicide Linked To Birth Defects

"Environmental and public health advocacy groups expressed alarm Friday after the Trump administration moved to increase the allowable level in U.S. waterways of a common herbicide linked to hermaphroditic amphibians and birth defects, cancer, and other harmful health effects in humans."

Source: Salon, 11/18/2019

Despite Cap and Trade, CA Oil and Gas Company Climate Emissions Are Up

"Countries have called California’s cap-and-trade program the answer to climate change. But it is just as vulnerable to lobbying as any other legislation. The result: The state’s biggest oil and gas companies have actually polluted more since it started."

Source: ProPublica, 11/18/2019

"Newsmaker: The 'Go See Ryan' Approach To Lobbying EPA"

"The pork producers were worried. A looming regulation at EPA threatened to cost hog farms time and money. So a lobbyist for the National Pork Producers Council shot an email to EPA's top political staffer, Chief of Staff Ryan Jackson. The reply likely inspired relief."

Source: Greenwire, 11/18/2019

"Dakota Access Pipeline Expansion Sparks Battles In 3 States"

"Two years after it started moving oil out of North Dakota, the Dakota Access oil pipeline is asking for permission to nearly double its capacity — touching off the same environmental and regulatory concerns that led to massive protests and a presidential order blocking the project in 2016."

Source: EnergyWire, 11/15/2019


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