"California To Wrap Up Exxon Plastics Probe 'In Weeks', AG Says"

"WASHINGTON - California will conclude a two-year investigation into Exxon and the fossil fuel industry's role in causing global plastic pollution by summer and decide if it will file a lawsuit against oil giant, its attorney general told Reuters on Monday.

The state launched its investigation into the oil and petrochemical industry's role in creating and exacerbating the global plastic waste crisis in April 2022 and subpoenaed Exxon for documents.

The plastics investigation mirrored similar actions it has taken on climate change that focused on what the industry knew about the problem for decades and how it misled the public about its role."

(This April 22 story has been corrected to say that Exxon has one advanced recycling plant and is assessing opportunities in, not has, around a dozen advanced recycling projects, in paragraph 10)

Valerie Volcovici reports for Reuters April 23, 2024.

Source: Reuters, 04/25/2024