"Big Plastic Polluters Accused Of Cynically Backing Us Recycling Day"

"America’s government-backed national recycling awareness day is being used as cover by large corporations that are churning out enormous volumes of plastic that end up strewn across landscapes, rivers and in the ocean, critics have said."

Source: Guardian, 11/18/2019

Exposed: A Scientific Stalemate Leaves Our Hormones And Health At Risk

"Bisphenol A is likely coursing through your body right now. Every day, you're inadvertently consuming and absorbing trace amounts as it migrates from can and bottle linings into your food and drink, and from thermal paper receipts onto your skin. Scientists have found BPA in more than 90 percent of Americans tested. Yet whether exposures to such small amounts of the common chemical pose any real health hazard remains highly controversial."

Source: EHN, 11/14/2019

Environmental Stories 'Down The Road' in 2020 From Highway Bill

A massive transportation measure is working its way through Congress, with environmental elements including climate change and public transit. But will this “must-pass” measure actually pass in the coming year? Or will it be bogged down by politics or looming questions of how to pay for it? A new Issue Backgrounder explains.

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Ongoing Climate Change Will Bring More Bad News on Health in 2020

Illness, injury, death. Those are the worsening health impacts of climate change, as global warming shifts disease vectors, encourages bacteria and foodborne illness, and leaves people increasingly suffering from heat, smog, smoke, allergies and other risks of extreme weather. Our latest TipSheet helps you get a handle on the sprawling health-climate story.

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Bank Regulators Give Dire Warning of Financial Risks From Climate Change

"Home values could fall significantly. Banks could stop lending to flood-prone communities. Towns could lose the tax money they need to build sea walls and other protections. These are a few of the warnings published on Thursday by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco regarding the financial risks of climate change."

Source: NY Times, 10/18/2019


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