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June 8, 2009 to June 12, 2009

Scientists and Journalists: Getting the Point Across

The Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting is hosting its free Annual Public Lecture Series this week. The program will feature nationally renowned specialists in research, environmental economics and journalism.

June 27, 2009 to June 30, 2009

10th Biennial Conference on Communication and Environment

The central theme of this event is "Environmental Communication as a Nexus."

May 21, 2009

Brave New World of Media and Journalism

This American Society of Journalists and Authors event will deal with the seismic shifts in the freelance journo business, including topics such as new funding sources, social networking, and nonprofit writing opportunties. The moderator is SEJ member Christine Heinrichs, an award-winning journalist and author whose current work focuses on sustainable agriculture issues. Speakers include another SEJ member, Rene Ebersole of Audubon Magazine; Nick Penniman, Huffington Post executive editor, who will discuss HP's new investigative news venture; and more.

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Oversight on EPA FOIA Screening,  Covering Pipeline Protests, Feedlot Air Emissions, Data on Illegal Fishing

The new year will likely mean subpoenas on EPA’s FOIA response policies, as a Democrat takes the chair in the House Oversight Committee amid charges the agency is choking off politically sensitive record requests. And are new laws in a dozen states making coverage of pipeline protests a felony? That, plus air emission exemptions for animal feedlot operators and data on illegal fishing. All in the latest issue of the WatchDog.

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New Jersey Sets CO2 Limit For Power Plants, Slowly Rejoins Climate Pact

"Gov. Phil Murphy's administration announced steps on Monday to return New Jersey to a group of Eastern states that places limits on how much carbon dioxide power plants can emit into the atmosphere and charges them money if they go over it."

Source: North Jersey Record, 12/18/2018

Newark Said Its Water Was Safe, But It Was Warned Of Problems Months Ago

"City officials in Newark said they learned in October that lead water contamination wasn’t just affecting a dozen homes, but was a “widespread problem,” potentially impacting as many as 40,000 residents. But, a newly-released email shows officials were warned at least seven months earlier — months they spent insisting the water was “absolutely safe to drink,” and assuring residents that the issue was confined to a small number of homes."

Source: Newark Star-Ledger, 12/17/2018

The Renewables Revolution — A Renewable Source of News for Year Ahead

The upward trends for renewable energy sources like wind and solar are a sure source of news for 2019, even if challenging political, economic and technical obstacles remain. This week’s TipSheet explains why, plus suggests stories to look for, notes the points of possible contention and offers a range of reporting resources to turn to.

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