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Will BLM Clampdown On Burning Man Imperil Festival's Free Spirit Ethos?

"Burning Man started three decades ago as a low-key gathering of friends who celebrated summer solstice on a West Coast beach by setting a wooden man aflame. Now, event organizers say the counterculture gathering of arts, music and communal living is eyeing attendance in the six figures, leading to a months-long struggle with federal regulators over whether its swelling size will cause long-term harm to the environment and even make the event vulnerable to a terrorist attack."

Source: NPR, 07/15/2019

"AP Fact Check: Trump And An Eco Legacy Not His Own"

"President Donald Trump and his aides this past week celebrated an environmental legacy that is not theirs to claim. In large measure, the progress they cited pre-dates Trump’s presidency. And in some of the particulars, they were wrong. For example, the air is not cleaner under Trump."

Source: AP, 07/15/2019

The Environment For Reporters Covering EPA Just Got A Lot More Toxic

"While the Trump administration is not known for velvety smooth relations with the news media, federal agencies are far more likely to ignore reporters than to officially scold them. Not the EPA. Reporters whom the agency deems to have misreported can expect to hear about it, and not just through a polite phone call or an email requesting a correction."

Source: Washington Post, 07/15/2019

"EPA To Allow Use Of Pesticide Considered ‘Very Highly Toxic’ To Bees"

"The Environmental Protection Agency approved broad new applications Friday for a controversial insecticide, despite objections from environmental groups and beekeepers who say it is among the compounds responsible for eviscerating the nation’s bee populations."

Source: Washington Post, 07/15/2019


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