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"Big Plastic Polluters Accused Of Cynically Backing Us Recycling Day"

"America’s government-backed national recycling awareness day is being used as cover by large corporations that are churning out enormous volumes of plastic that end up strewn across landscapes, rivers and in the ocean, critics have said."

Source: Guardian, 11/18/2019

EPA Proposal Guts Curbs On Toxic Herbicide Linked To Birth Defects

"Environmental and public health advocacy groups expressed alarm Friday after the Trump administration moved to increase the allowable level in U.S. waterways of a common herbicide linked to hermaphroditic amphibians and birth defects, cancer, and other harmful health effects in humans."

Source: Salon, 11/18/2019

"Newsmaker: The 'Go See Ryan' Approach To Lobbying EPA"

"The pork producers were worried. A looming regulation at EPA threatened to cost hog farms time and money. So a lobbyist for the National Pork Producers Council shot an email to EPA's top political staffer, Chief of Staff Ryan Jackson. The reply likely inspired relief."

Source: Greenwire, 11/18/2019

"AP Exclusive: Climate Said To Imperil 60% Of Superfund Sites"

"At least 60 percent of U.S. Superfund sites are in areas vulnerable to flooding or other worsening disasters of climate change, and the Trump administration’s reluctance to directly acknowledge global warming is deterring efforts to safeguard them, a congressional watchdog agency says."

Source: AP, 11/18/2019


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