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"The Revolving Door At Public Utilities Commissions? It’s Alive And Well"

"If the words “public utilities commission” put you to sleep, you’re not alone. These are the government agencies that regulate utilities — companies that supply us with electricity, gas, water and more. All 50 states have them — and as boring as they sound, their work affects our daily lives."

Source: LA Times, 06/09/2023

"Where Republican Presidential Candidates Stand on Climate Change"

"As wildfires in Canada have sent masses of smoke over the United States this week, engulfing much of the Northeast in a yellow haze of hazardous air pollution, scientists are clear that we are seeing the effects of climate change. But the Republicans campaigning for the presidency have largely downplayed the issue and rejected policies that would slow rising temperatures."

Source: NYTimes, 06/09/2023

"Extreme Heat Is Killing Incarcerated Black Folks"

"As we march into what climate scientists predict could be one of the hottest years on record, plenty of us will be cranking up the air conditioning, sitting in front of a fan, or sweating on our front porches. But imagine the torment of trying to find relief by lying on a cold prison floor or cooling off with toilet water."

Source: Word in Black, 06/09/2023

"The Grand Canyon, a Cathedral to Time, Is Losing Its River"

"Down beneath the tourist lodges and shops selling keychains and incense, past windswept arroyos and brown valleys speckled with agave, juniper and sagebrush, the rocks of the Grand Canyon seem untethered from time. The oldest ones date back 1.8 billion years, not just eons before humans laid eyes on them, but eons before evolution endowed any organism on this planet with eyes."

Source: NYTimes, 06/08/2023


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