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"Millions of US Low-Income Households Face Power Shutoffs Amid Deadly Heat"

"Millions of low-income households are at risk of having their power disconnected this summer, exacerbating the risk of deadly heat as the climate crisis drives up temperatures."

Source: Guardian, 07/17/2024

Dam Fails After Rain, Wind, Tornadoes Pound Midwest. Chicago Cleans Up

"Hundreds of people in a southern Illinois town were ordered to evacuate Tuesday as water rolled over the top of a dam, just one perilous result of severe weather that raged through the Midwest overnight with relentless rain and tornadoes and hit the Chicago area especially hard."

Source: AP, 07/17/2024

Clean Energy Projects Stuck in a Years-Long Queue. States Push for a Fix

"A Baltimore coal-fired power plant will be operating past its planned retirement date next year, pumping out pollution, while the cheaper clean energy projects that could help replace it are stuck in a queue to connect to the region’s electric grid."

Source: Inside Climate News, 07/17/2024

Bioplastics Are Poorly Defined And Regulated, And Possibly Toxic: Report

"The lack of federal regulations and clear definitions for bioplastics make it increasingly difficult to determine whether or not they are a safe alternative to traditional plastics, according to a new report from Beyond Plastics."

Source: EHN, 07/17/2024

Meet The Californians In The First Class Of The American Climate Corps

"At the start of summer, the White House swore in more than 9,000 members of the inaugural class of the American Climate Corps. The corps members are now serving across the country stifling wildfires, helping farms adapt to climate change, installing solar panels, conserving the country’s wildlands and, of course, helping climate organizations create some “hip” Instagram content."

Source: LA Times, 07/16/2024

"The Problematic Chemicals Fueling America’s EV Revolution"

"The same companies that spewed “forever chemicals” linked with cancer and other diseases in neighborhoods around the world are now key players in the development of EV batteries—sometimes with hefty taxpayer support. Often those companies keep their chemical formulas and emissions from the public ... ."

Source: Mother Jones, 07/16/2024


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