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"No Penalties For 90% Of Pipeline Blasts"

Sue Bonham was ready to die. A ruptured high-pressure natural gas pipeline was firing a flame at her house like a blowtorch. She was crouching by a fence in a flower garden behind her home about 200 yards away, struggling to breathe the scalding air. Her thoughts turned to the things she'd miss — grandchildren, birthdays, weddings — but she had made her peace."

Source: EnergyWire, 11/19/2018

"Claws Out: Crab Fishermen Sue 30 Oil Firms Over Climate Change"

"For the fourth-generation crab fisherman John Beardon, the warming of Pacific waters off the coast of California has meant toxic crabs, shortened fishing seasons and a near decimation of his livelihood as a crab boat captain. Now he would like to see the industry he says is responsible pay for the damage."

Source: Guardian, 11/15/2018

"Landowners Fight the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in Court"

"Under the United States Constitution, can private fossil fuel companies legally seize private property to build oil pipelines? Do private oil pipelines that threaten sensitive ecosystems provide a real service to the public, or do they simply pad the profit margins of fossil fuel companies and their wealthy investors?"

Source: Truthout, 11/15/2018


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