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"Antiquities Act Litigation Threatens Nevada Monument Proposal"

"Tribes and environmentalists are hailing President Joe Biden’s commitment to use the Antiquities Act to create a national monument in Nevada to protect tribal sacred sites, preserve wildlife and Joshua tree habitat, and block the approval of a wind farm."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 01/05/2023

"US Seeks Perfect Mix of Farming and Solar Panels"

"Flat, sunny acres of land are prime real estate for solar energy developers who hold a key role in helping the US meet its climate goals. But developers are often eyeing fields of wheat, corn, and hay; ranches roamed by cattle and sheep; and plots bursting with berries and lettuce. If built there, solar panels can level farms that feed the country."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 01/04/2023

GOP Primed To Attack ‘Woke Capitalism,’ Climate Disclosure Rules in 2023

"Conservative politicians argue that environmental, social and governance principles—known as "ESG"—are diverting asset managers from their duties to investors, and may even amount to illegal collusion."

Source: Inside Climate News, 01/03/2023


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