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20 U.S. States, Major Cities Urge Trump To Drop Fuel Efficiency Freeze

"A group of 20 U.S. states and several major cities on Friday urged the Trump administration to abandon a proposal to freeze fuel efficiency standards after 2020 and strip California of the ability to impose its own vehicle emissions rules."

Source: Reuters, 10/29/2018

"Will One State Go It Alone to Make Polluters Pay?"

"The last coal mine in Washington State closed down about a decade ago in Centralia, about 65 miles south of Seattle, leaving scars on the land and the local economy. Now, a solar electricity project — perhaps the largest in the state — is planned for the same location, by the same company that once ran the mine."

Source: NY Times, 10/29/2018

"University: Truck Pollution Research Cited By EPA Was ‘Not Accurate’"

"The research the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cited in proposing to roll back a major truck pollution rule was “not accurate,” the university that conducted the study has concluded."

Source: The Hill, 10/26/2018

Environment Issues Figure in Many 2018 Mid-Term Races, Ballots

Climate, environment and energy issues figure prominently in the upcoming Nov. 6 elections, whether in individual races, ballot measures or significant power shifts. This week’s TipSheet provides starting points to track relevant races, and runs down 11 big environmental ballots, ranging from measures like a carbon tax in Washington state and drilling ban in Florida, to tight congressional races in California, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia.

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