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"Administration Moves Closer To Opening Arctic Refuge For Oil"

"The Trump administration moved closer on Thursday to opening thousands of miles within Alaska’s pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas leasing, issuing a draft report that concluded the polar bears, caribou and other wildlife could safely share their untouched wilderness with oil and gas producers."

Source: AP, 12/21/2018

9 State Attorneys Join Suit Opposing Air Guns For Atlantic Oil Search

"State attorneys general from Maine to South Carolina joined a lawsuit filed by conservationists seeking to block the Trump administration from allowing seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean that could harm marine mammals and lead to drilling off the Eastern Seaboard for the first time in decades."

Source: Washington Post, 12/21/2018

"Exxon Mobil Secured U.S. Hardship Waiver From Biofuels Laws - Sources"

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency granted oil major Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) a financial hardship waiver this year temporarily freeing its Montana refinery from U.S. biofuel laws, three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters."

Source: Reuters, 12/21/2018

Dust Killing Thousands Of Coal Miners as Regulators Fail To Stop It

"Greg Kelly's grandson, Caden, scampers to the tree-shaded creek behind his grandfather's house to catch crawdads, as Kelly shuffles along, trying to keep up. Kelly's small day pack holds an oxygen tank with a clear tube clipped to his nose. He has chairs spaced out on the short route so he can stop every few minutes, sit down and catch his breath, until he has enough wind and strength to start out again for the creek.

Source: NPR, 12/19/2018

New Jersey Sets CO2 Limit For Power Plants, Slowly Rejoins Climate Pact

"Gov. Phil Murphy's administration announced steps on Monday to return New Jersey to a group of Eastern states that places limits on how much carbon dioxide power plants can emit into the atmosphere and charges them money if they go over it."

Source: North Jersey Record, 12/18/2018

"California Requires New City Buses to Be Electric by 2029"

"California on Friday became the first state to mandate a full shift to electric buses on public transit routes, flexing its muscle as the nation’s leading environmental regulator and bringing battery-powered, heavy-duty vehicles a step closer to the mainstream."

Source: NY Times, 12/18/2018


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