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Interior Dept. To Scrutinize Climate Impact Of Coal Sales From US Lands

"U.S. officials launched a review Thursday of climate damage and other impacts from coal mining on public lands as the Biden administration expands its scrutiny of government fossil fuel sales that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions."

Source: AP, 08/20/2021

"Texas Is Letting Shell, Exxon, and Other Oil Producers Break the Rules"

"A new analysis from Earthworks suggests that oil and gas producers in the Permian Basin in Texas, one of the largest oilfields in the world, are routinely emitting carbon dioxide and methane without the correct permits, with offenders including big names like Shell and Exxon."

Source: Earther, 08/20/2021

"Hydrogen Could Fuel U.S. Energy Transition. But Is It Safe?"

"Lynn Rigsbee was sitting on her couch on a Tuesday morning last year when an explosion knocked her to the floor. The blast came from a hydrogen plant a few hundred feet from her house in Long View, N.C., northwest of Charlotte. It broke doors loose from deadbolts, shattered windows and blasted a hole through her roof."

Source: E&E News, 08/20/2021

Exxon Guyana Coast Oil Drilling Gamble ‘Poses Major Environmental Risk’

"ExxonMobil’s huge new Guyana project faces charges of a disregard for safety from experts who claim the company has failed to adequately prepare for possible disaster, the Guardian and Floodlight have found."

Source: Guardian, 08/18/2021

Oil Companies Quietly Scoring Big Money for Carbon Capture and Storage

"Over the last year, energy companies, electrical utilities and other industrial sectors have been quietly pushing through a suite of policies to support a technology that stands to yield tens of billions of dollars for corporate polluters, but may do little to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Source: Inside Climate News, 08/18/2021


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