"Trump Administration Wants To Open Up More Public Trails To E-Bikes"

"Nearly two months ago, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt signed a secretarial order declaring that electronic bicycles “shall be allowed” in any area on federal land where regular bikes can ride. But even as top officials are pressing ahead to institute the policy, no one knows yet exactly what that means."

Source: Washington Post, 10/21/2019

Trees That Survived Calif. Drought May Hold Clue To Climate Resilience

"When California's historic five-year drought finally relented a few years ago the tally of dead trees in the Sierra Nevada was higher than almost anyone expected: 129 million. Most are still standing, the dry patches dotting the mountainsides. But some trees did survive the test of heat and drought."

Source: KQED, 10/17/2019

"B.C. Spruce Beetle Infestation Used To Accelerate Clear Cuts"

"The largest spruce beetle epidemic in decades is attacking B.C.’s rain-rich interior, intensifying logging in forests that provide habitat for imperilled species like mountain caribou. But scientists and ecologists say resilient trees will survive and the forest will recover if we only give it a chance".

Source: The Narwhal, 10/17/2019

"Authorities: 3 Deaths Tied To Southern California Wildfires"

"Three people have died at the scene of Southern California wildfires this week, authorities said Saturday, as firefighters aided by diminishing winds beat back a blaze on the edge of Los Angeles that damaged or destroyed more than 30 structures and sent a blanket of smoke across a swath of neighborhoods."

Source: AP, 10/14/2019

"After Avoiding Safety Upgrades, PG&E Hired Lobbyists and PR Instead"

"Power shutoffs affecting more than 1 million residents, scheduled by PG&E this week throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, have sparked a massive backlash, with many community members telling reporters that they are shocked that the company has not done more to upgrade its transmission lines."

Source: The Intercept, 10/14/2019


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