Trump Says Budget Has More Money For Wildfire Prevention. It Doesn’t.

"President Donald Trump says in his budget that he’s asking for the highest amount ever for certain wildfire prevention programs. His proposal actually contains less money for wildfire prevention efforts than the current federal spending plan."

Source: McClatchy, 03/14/2019

"Brazil's Right-Wing Government Puts Gag Order On Environment Agency"

"Brazil’s right-wing government has ordered environmental enforcement agency Ibama not to respond to requests from the media, stoking fears that President Jair Bolsonaro may be rolling back environmental protections out of the public eye."

Source: Reuters, 03/14/2019
March 20, 2019

Global Environmental Journalism: Under Siege or Dawning Anew?

Come to the University of Colorado Boulder, 7:00-8:30 p.m., to hear from the founder and journalists of one of the most successful environmental journalism startups in the world, Mongabay, as they describe the challenges faced by reporters covering environmental issues in the global tropics and the hope and success that new models of environmental journalism are having on issues ranging from deforestation to species extinction.


County Fines Trump Golf Course For Cutting Trees In Potomac Floodplain

"The cutting and disposal of a dozen mature trees into the Potomac River nearly two weeks ago at the Trump National Golf Course violated Loudoun County’s zoning ordinance, the county said, and could cost the organization at least $600."

Source: Washington Post, 03/07/2019

Perfecting Your Panorama Technique

In this how-to, veteran environmental photojournalist Dennis Dimick shares new techniques for capturing panoramas from the air — while on commercial plane flights — in order to illustrate human impacts on the landscape. Plus, Dimick details how and why he developed the new approach, in our latest EJ InSight column exploring the cutting edge of visual journalism on the environment.

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Capturing a Planet on the Fly

Capturing panoramas from the air has become a passion for veteran environmental photojournalist Dennis Dimick. In the latest EJ InSight, our new column exploring the cutting edge of visual journalism on the environment, Dimick describes how he visualizes the expanding human footprint of the emergent Anthropocene era — by shooting from commercial airplane flights. Plus, Dimick shares his techniques in a how-to sidebar.

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Dozen Trees Cut, Dumped Into Potomac River At Trump Golf Club In Virginia

"About a dozen mature trees and additional shrubs were cut down and dumped into the Potomac River from Trump National Golf Club property last week, an action that Loudoun County officials say could violate local ordinances covering work on floodplains."

Source: Washington Post, 03/04/2019

Senate Passes The Decade’s Biggest Public Lands Package

"The Senate on Tuesday passed the most sweeping conservation legislation in a decade, protecting millions of acres of land and hundreds of miles of wild rivers across the country and establishing four new national monuments honoring heroes including Civil War soldiers and a civil rights icon."

Source: Washington Post, 02/13/2019


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