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Western States Finalize Landmark Drought Plan For Colorado River Water

"Faced with reservoirs less than half full along the Colorado River, federal authorities and negotiators for Colorado and six other Western states on Tuesday finalized a landmark plan to share the burden of voluntarily using less water as growing cities and warming temperatures deplete the supply for 40 million people."

Source: Denver Post, 03/20/2019

"Brazil's Right-Wing Government Puts Gag Order On Environment Agency"

"Brazil’s right-wing government has ordered environmental enforcement agency Ibama not to respond to requests from the media, stoking fears that President Jair Bolsonaro may be rolling back environmental protections out of the public eye."

Source: Reuters, 03/14/2019

Can States Divvy Up the Shrinking Colorado River Water Supply?

The vast Colorado River, recently in the news over a troubled drought deal, is at the heart of numerous environmental problems in the American West, where water is scarce and the legal complexities of water rights voluminous. The latest Issue Backgrounder offers an explainer on the story, which involves at least seven states, the federal government, Native American tribes, a hornet’s nest of irrigation districts and even Mexico.

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County Fines Trump Golf Course For Cutting Trees In Potomac Floodplain

"The cutting and disposal of a dozen mature trees into the Potomac River nearly two weeks ago at the Trump National Golf Course violated Loudoun County’s zoning ordinance, the county said, and could cost the organization at least $600."

Source: Washington Post, 03/07/2019


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