Natural Resources

Biden Revives Rules to Prevent Another Deepwater Horizon Disaster

"The Department of Interior announced on Tuesday that it had reinstated Obama-era safety rules for offshore drilling that were created in the wake of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon catastrophe that killed 11 people and fouled the Gulf of Mexico."

Source: NYTimes, 08/23/2023

"Ecuador Votes To Ban Oil Drilling In Part Of Amazon, Mining Outside Quito"

"Ecuadorean referendums to ban oil drilling in a part of the Amazon and mining in a forest outside Quito easily passed, drawing cheers on Monday from Indigenous leaders and environmentalists despite warnings from oil and mining groups about billions of dollars in lost income."

Source: Reuters, 08/22/2023

"These Animals Are Already Adapting to a Changing Climate"

"Climate change is one of the top five drivers of extinction, but it’s not always a zero-sum game. In general, scientists expect species will have to move upward in elevation or latitude to cope in a warming world. However, in California, many animals have been adapting to their mutating environments in ingenious ways."

Source: Sierra, 08/21/2023

NOAA Plans to Radically Expand Offshore Aquaculture; Not Everyone Is Onboard

"NOAA’s five-year plan to strengthen the domestic seafood market includes establishing dozens of open-pen fish farms up to three miles offshore. But some experts worry about the well-being of marine mammals, the expansion of dead zones from fish excrement, and infringement on wild fishing grounds."

Source: Civil Eats, 08/21/2023


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