Natural Resources

"Alaska, Nebraska Wetlands Takeover Tied to Federal Waters Ruling"

"Alaska and Nebraska are the only states that say they’re actively pursuing taking over the EPA’s dredge-and-fill permitting program for waters and wetlands as the agency prepares to update its rule governing such takeovers."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 05/10/2023

"Price to Plug Old Wells in Gulf of Mexico? $30 Billion, Study Says."

"Ever since the first offshore platforms went up off Louisiana 85 years ago, the Gulf of Mexico has been an oil and gas juggernaut. But decades of drilling has left behind more than 14,000 old, unplugged wells at risk of springing dangerous leaks and spills that may cost more than $30 billion to plug, a new study has found."

Source: NYTimes, 05/09/2023

Tribe Was Barred From Cultural Burning — Then A Fire Hit Their Community

"The land near Yosemite National Park had been tended by Irene Vasquez’s family for decades. They took care of their seven acres by setting small fires to thin vegetation and help some plants to grow. But the steep, chaparral-studded slopes surrounding the property hadn’t seen fire since Vasquez and fellow members of the Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation were barred from practicing cultural burning on a wider scale some 100 years before."

Source: LA Times, 05/08/2023

Almost 30,000 People Displaced As Alberta Continues Battling Wildfires

"A change in weather conditions has helped firefighters fight the wildfires that have forced thousands of Albertans to flee their homes this past week, officials from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency and Alberta Wildfire said Sunday."

Source: CBC News, 05/08/2023

"Long Reviled as ‘Ugly,’ Sea Lampreys Finally Get Some Respect"

"The sucker-mouthed marine lamprey has been dismissed as grotesque and a threat to sport fish. But fisheries managers in New England and the Pacific Northwest are recognizing the ecological importance of lampreys in their native waters and are stepping up efforts to help them recover."

Source: YaleE360, 05/05/2023


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