Natural Resources

"U.S. Army Corps Poised To Recommend Approval Of Alaska's Pebble Mine"

"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is poised to give its blessing later this week to an Alaska copper and gold mining project the Obama administration tried to block because of concerns it could harm the state’s salmon industry."

Source: Reuters, 07/21/2020

"How Absentee Landowners Keep Farmers From Protecting Water And Soil"

"Lisa Schulte Moore loves nature. To stand in an old-growth forest, she says, 'I can only describe it as healing.' When she moved to Iowa to teach ecology at Iowa State University, she didn't get that same feeling when she found herself amid acres of corn. She wasn't hearing birds or seeing many bugs. 'All I can hear are the leaves of the rustling corn,' she says. 'Not one biological noise. You know, they call it the green desert.'"

Source: NPR, 07/17/2020

"Brazil Sacks Official After Soaring June Deforestation Data"

"Brazil’s government on Monday fired an official at the national space agency Inpe whose department is responsible for satellite monitoring of the Amazon rainforest, just three days after the release of June deforestation data reflected a continued increase in degradation."

Source: AP, 07/14/2020

Hunt For Battery Metals Threatens Sámi Reindeer Herders' Homeland

"Tuomas Siilasjoki and Minna Näkkäläjärvi say they were taken by surprise when a mobile drill rig one day appeared in the horizon. Nobody had asked them about exploring for minerals inside their siida, a reindeer foraging area, in northern Finland. The Sámi families here in Tarvantovaara wilderness area fear the world's hunger for metals to ramp up the green economy will destroy their indigenous way of life."

Source: Barents Observer, 07/13/2020


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