Natural Resources

UN Ocean Treaty Is ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Chance To Protect The High Seas

"The world has a “once in a lifetime” chance to protect the high seas from exploitation, warned scientists and environmentalists, as negotiators meet at the UN headquarters in New York this week to hammer out a new treaty on the oceans."

Source: Guardian, 03/11/2022

"US Officials Reverse Course On Pesticide’s Harm To Wildlife"

"U.S. wildlife officials reversed their previous finding that a widely used and highly toxic pesticide could jeopardize dozens of plants and animals with extinction, after receiving pledges from chemical manufacturers that they will change product labels for malathion so that it’s used more carefully by gardeners, farmers and other consumers."

Source: AP, 03/09/2022

Fight To The Finish For A Rare Daisy And A Gold Mine Near Death Valley

"Botanist Maria Jesus has made a career out of trying to protect wild places where rare plants are making their last stand, and field work can mean bivouacking alone in a pup tent. Take the Inyo rock daisy, which only grows in the crevices of cliff walls in two largely roadless areas of the southern Inyo Mountains near Death Valley National Park."

Source: LA Times, 03/01/2022


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