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"5G Networks Could Throw Weather Forecasting Into Chaos"

"If you had a choice between a better, faster cell phone signal and an accurate weather forecast, which would you pick? That’s the question facing federal officials as they decide whether to auction off more of the wireless spectrum or heed meteorologists who say that such a move could throw US weather forecasting into chaos."

Source: Wired, 05/24/2019

"As Infrastructure Talks Collapse, Focus Turns To Highway Bill"

"After a White House meeting on infrastructure fell apart yesterday, lawmakers were left picking up the pieces, with the odds of Congress passing a broad package looking slimmer than ever. Instead, it seems likely Congress will pursue a narrower surface transportation bill."

Source: E&E Daily, 05/24/2019

"Democrats Suggest EPA Chief Misled On Vehicle Emissions Rollback"

"Democrats are asking Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Andrew Wheeler to turn over documents tied to the agency’s proposal to roll back emissions standards for vehicles, suggesting he made misleading statements on the topic."

Source: The Hill, 05/24/2019

National Park Service Plans To Pay Full-Time Staff Via Entrance Fees

"The National Park Service (NPS) plans to pay the salaries of full-time staff from the money it collects from entrance fees, a move that is likely to enrage Democratic lawmakers who chastised the agency for dipping into the coffers to keep parks open during this year's partial government shutdown."

Source: The Hill, 05/23/2019

"Senate Panel Approves Interior Nominee Over Objections From Democrats"

"Senate Republicans advanced President Trump's nominee to be the Interior Department's top lawyer on Tuesday over objections from Democrats who called him partisan and unresponsive to ethics questions swirling around the department's secretary and his predecessor." Daniel Jorjani was architect of Interior's proposed policy for rejecting Freedom of Information Act requests.

Source: The Hill, 05/22/2019


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