Environmental Politics

"Schumer Says Infrastructure Bills Would Cut Emissions By 45 Percent"

"Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) projected Wednesday that the bipartisan infrastructure bill and Democrats' reconciliation spending package would reduce U.S. carbon emissions by 45 percent by the end of the decade compared to 2005."

Source: The Hill, 08/26/2021

"Recommendations Target US Oil, Gas Leasing Across The West"

"An Indigenous leader from New Mexico and former U.S. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt called on the federal government Tuesday to overhaul its oil and gas leasing program to ensure the protection of cultural resources, saying for far too long tribal expertise has been ignored to the detriment of sacred landscapes."

Source: AP, 08/25/2021

"DOE Urged to Weigh Environmental Inequity From U.S. Ethane Boom"

"Efforts to expand production and exports of ethane—a natural gas byproduct used to make plastics—were criticized by groups that told the Department of Energy Tuesday that any job gains wouldn’t benefit regions bearing the brunt of environmental damage."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 08/25/2021

"EPA Rebuffed Warnings Its Auto Emissions Plan Was Too Weak"

"White House and other administration officials told the Environmental Protection Agency that its industry-backed plan for tightening auto emissions limits was too lax, but the agency rebuffed those warnings and released the proposal with provisions that could lessen its bite."

Source: Bloomberg, 08/25/2021

"Trump's Border Wall Torn Apart by Arizona Monsoon Rains"

"It turns out ignoring bedrock environmental laws may not have been the best choice for a multibillion-dollar construction project. Photos show former President Donald Trump’s border wall in deep disrepair after summer monsoon rains literally blew floodgates off their hinges."

Source: Earther, 08/23/2021

"Biden Backs End To Wolf Protections But Hunting Worries Grow"

"President Joe Biden’s administration is sticking by the decision under former President Donald Trump to lift protections for gray wolves across most of the U.S. But a top federal wildlife official on Friday told The Associated Press there is growing concern over aggressive wolf hunting seasons adopted for the predators in the western Great Lakes and northern Rocky Mountains."

Source: AP, 08/23/2021


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