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U.S. Seeks To Polish Tarnished Reputation With New Climate Pledges

"The United States hopes to restore its shattered credibility when it hosts a climate change summit next week by pledging to cut its greenhouse emissions by at least half and securing agreements from allies for faster reductions, according to two sources familiar with the matter."

Source: Reuters, 04/16/2021

"Epic Drought Means Water Crisis On Oregon-California Border"

"Hundreds of farmers who rely on a massive irrigation project that spans the Oregon-California border learned Wednesday they will get a tiny fraction of the water they need amid the worst drought in decades, as federal regulators attempt to balance the needs of agriculture against federally threatened and endangered fish species that are central to the heritage of several tribes."

Source: AP, 04/15/2021

"Big Companies Line Up to Crush Green Transparency Resolutions"

"With the annual proxy season about to kick off, corporate executives are encountering increasing investor scrutiny about their environmental policies. But rather than support green initiatives or even compromise with shareholders, some of the world’s biggest companies instead plan to crush efforts to slow the climate catastrophe."

Source: Bloomberg Green, 04/15/2021

Biden Picks Energy Lawyer Tommy Beaudreau As Interior’s No. 2 Official

"President Biden announced Wednesday that he will nominate Tommy Beaudreau to be deputy secretary of the Interior Department, ending a standoff between the White House and senators from fossil-fuel-rich states who derailed the president’s first choice."

Source: Washington Post, 04/15/2021

Senate Votes 53-45 To Confirm Mallory To Lead WH Environmental Council

"The U.S. Senate voted 53-45 to confirm Brenda Mallory as head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), a key role that is central to federal environmental reviews of major infrastructure projects and coordinating the administration’s environmental justice and climate change policies."

Source: Reuters, 04/15/2021
April 21, 2021

ACG Webinar: Climate Change and Energy Policy at the State Level

The Aspen Institute Germany and the American Council on Germany invite you to a virtual discussion on the challenges posed by climate change and energy, and to explore collaboration at state level. 12pm ET.


"Energy Transitions: 4 States Weigh Plans To Rescue Coal Plants"

"Four states are weighing plans to stall the retirement of coal-fired power plants, a sign of growing resistance in conservative, energy-producing regions against national efforts to decarbonize the grid and a reaction to the Texas blackouts, analysts say."

Source: E&E News, 04/14/2021

Coalition of Greens and Industry Calls on EPA to Quickly Phase Out HFCs

"A coalition of U.S. manufacturers and environmental organizations is calling on the federal government to quickly phase out the worst climate super-polluting chemicals currently used in air conditioners, refrigerators and other appliances, as well as in aerosols and foam insulation."

Source: Inside Climate News, 04/14/2021

"Florida To Close Wastewater Reservoir With Leak History"

"Florida is moving to permanently close the leaky Piney Point wastewater reservoir that poured millions of gallons of water into Tampa Bay while threatening to burst open and flood nearby homes and businesses, Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday."

Source: AP, 04/14/2021


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