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"117th Congress Opens To New Energy, Environment Fights"

"The 117th Congress opened to an uncertain political landscape yesterday, with a tight vote for the House speakership and with Senate control still up in the air. Lawmakers face fresh fights on energy and environmental issues, particularly climate change, but first they have to get through the political and logistical hurdles of the next few weeks."

Source: E&E News, 01/05/2021

"EPA Finalizes Rule To Limit Science Behind Public Health Safeguards"

"The Environmental Protection Agency has finalized a rule to limit what research it can use to craft public health protections, a move opponents argue is aimed at crippling the agency’s ability to more aggressively regulate the nation’s air and water."

Source: Washington Post, 01/05/2021

Environmental Issues Likely To Find Their Way to Courts in 2021

Environmental journalists may want to brush up on their legalese for 2021, as the likelihood of legal challenges over environmental policies — and Trump-era rollbacks — increases. Our Issue Backgrounder, the newest entry in our growing special report, “2021 Journalists’ Guide to Energy & Environment,” looks at potential legal conflicts over climate change, pipelines, drilling, auto emissions, clean water and more.

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Renewables To Flourish Further in 2021

Energy markets may mean more than government action in the ongoing effort to cut global warming emissions. But industry spin makes it tough to sort out the facts. The latest TipSheet, part of our expanding “2021 Journalists’ Guide to Energy & Environment” special report, has context on tech advances, shifting demand and the impact of subsidies. That, plus six top developments to watch.

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"Trees As A Civil Right: 'All We Have Is Cement And Pavement'"

"When Carmen Storms, 69, looks down at the trees of Melnea Cass Boulevard from her eighth-floor apartment, she thinks of her father, Alvin — twice driven from his home during Boston's urban renewal boom of the 1950s and '60s, when the city used eminent domain to raze the homes and businesses of Black families."

Source: E&E News, 01/04/2021

Dems Push Regulator To Scrap Rule Forcing Banks To Serve Oil, Gun Firms

"The chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee and nearly two dozen House Democrats urged a federal bank regulator Wednesday to scrap a potential rule forcing banks to serve oil, gas and firearm companies."

Source: The Hill, 01/04/2021

Warnock Brings a History of Black Faith Leaders’ Environmental Activism

"Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.  served as pastor and his funeral was held, has been a leader in a growing movement among American Black churches to embrace environmental activism."

Source: Inside Climate News, 12/31/2020

Whitmer Signs Bills Funding $641 Million Settlement In Flint Water Cases

"Flint residents will have a measure of justice, more than six years after the city's drinking water was contaminated with toxic lead, thanks to two bipartisan bills signed Wednesday."

Source: Detroit Free Press, 12/31/2020


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