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"Facing 'Horrific' Pacific Rise, Tuvalu Crafts Climate Survival Plan"

"Fearing "horrific" risks from a rising ocean that could swamp low-lying islands, the Pacific nation of Tuvalu aims to reinforce its coasts in a novel partnership with Australia aimed at helping the developing island state adapt to climate change."

Source: Thomson Reuters Fdn., 09/22/2023

"Green Groups Slam World Bank For Backing Indonesian Coal Plants"

"Environmental groups have submitted a formal complaint to the World Bank for providing financial support for two coal-fired power plants in Indonesia, violating a pledge to stop backing fossil fuels."

Source: Reuters, 09/15/2023

"Indonesia Cracks Down on the Scourge of Imported Plastic Waste"

"When China banned plastic waste imports in 2018, exporters in wealthy countries targeted other developing nations. Faced with an unending stream of unrecyclable waste, Indonesia has tightened its regulations and has begun to make progress in stemming the plastics flow."

Source: YaleE360, 08/02/2023

The Seven Stages of Beach Exploitation (and Restoration)

When most people think of coastal tourist destinations, they imagine beaches lined by palm trees and exclusive resorts. But those are exactly the kind of realities that contribute to the environmental and economic decline of coastal communities and their local residents, argues a new book. Contributing Editor Jenny Weeks has our review in the new BookShelf.

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