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"Schumer Pushes Plan to Ax Trump Methane Rule With Lawmaker Tool"

"The Senate will consider, as soon as next week, whether to kill a Trump administration methane-emissions rule, in what would be the first time this Congress that the full upper chamber deliberates using its power to overturn regulations."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 04/14/2021

Does Climate’s Future Depend on Better Batteries?

The path of our planetary climate may depend largely on our transition away from energy sources that cause global warming. And that, in turn, may rely on one thing: improved batteries. The new Backgrounder explores the future of energy storage — how batteries work, the progress the technology has made and the brutal battery competition ahead between the United States and China.

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Flexibility in the Face of the Unexpected

When a Chicago-based freelancer was just about to hit the road to report a three-part story and TV segment on the potential impacts of two proposed copper mines in the Great Lakes basin, there was a little hitch: The COVID-19 pandemic hit. The new FEJ StoryLog has the story of how Lorraine Boissoneault found the flexibility to complete her grant-supported project.

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Driven by Industry, More States Pass Tough Laws vs. Pipeline Protesters

"Bills to increase penalties for “impeding” the operations of a pipeline or power plant—in many cases elevating the offense to a felony—are pending in at least five states and have been enacted in 15 others."

Source: Inside Climate News, 04/13/2021

Big Oil Fed State Educators Stats Used to Push Back on Biden Climate Goals

"For years, Big Oil has cozied up to American public schools—and now they seem to be cashing in their chips. New emails appear to show that some elected officials in charge of public schools may have been helped in attacking the Biden administration’s recent decision to pause oil and gas leasing on federal land by powerful oil industry lobbying groups."

Source: Earther, 04/13/2021


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