All forms of advocacy, esp. environmental groups.

Louisiana Tribes File Rights Complaint With UN Over US Climate Inaction

"Four coastal Louisiana tribes that claim the U.S. government has violated their human rights by failing to take action on climate change submitted a formal complaint Wednesday to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland."

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 01/20/2020

Future of Nuclear Power Hangs in Balance of Climate, Costs

Safety has traditionally been the key question when discussing the realities of nuclear power. But in assessing the future of the nuclear industry amid debates over its potential to help tackle the climate crisis, the latest entry in our “2020 Journalists’ Guide to Energy & the Environment” reports that there may be an equally pressing concern. 

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‘We’re Building An Army’: Jane Fonda Caps Climate Protest In D.C.

"Clad in her signature red hat and coat, clenched fist raised high, Jane Fonda saluted the sea of chanting people who had gathered for her final “Fire Drill Friday” this week. She cheered as 147 of them were arrested on the steps of the Capitol building."

Source: Washington Post, 01/13/2020
February 10, 2020

DEADLINE: Bertha Challenge

This paid fellowship opportunity is for activists and investigative journalists to spend a year deep-diving into one pressing social justice challenge. The second Bertha Challenge will begin in July 2020 with a focus on our global climate and ecological crises. Deadline is Feb 10.



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