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"Texas Republicans Make Renewable Energy a Political Punching Bag"

"Texas is on a roll—an energy use roll, that is. This week, amid sweltering temperatures, the power demand on the state’s grid soared to an all-time high on Wednesday, reaching 80,000 megawatts of demand. This marks the eleventh time this demand record has been broken this year alone."

Source: Earther, 07/25/2022

WTO Deal on Fishing Subsidies May Reduce Ocean Overfishing

A new World Trade Organization agreement to limit global overfishing may yield important stories for environmental journalists, as billions of people around the world rely on already heavily exploited fish stocks as their main source of protein. This Backgrounder offers details on the pact and how it tries to address the problem, while providing resources for your reporting.

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Can Qatar’s World Cup Really Be Carbon Neutral?

Qatar — the world’s highest carbon emitter on a per capita basis — made big promises in its winning bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. But will they deliver? Doha-based journalism professor Craig LaMay writes that while sports megaevent hosts face increasing pressure to address environmental concerns, critical coverage of their follow-through is challenging, especially in countries with no free press or public right to government information.

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"Report: Brazil Authorities Pay No Mind To Deforestation"

"Environmental criminals in the Brazilian Amazon destroyed public rainforests equal the size of El Salvador over the past six years, yet the Federal Police — the Brazilian version of the FBI — carried out only seven operations aimed at this massive loss, according to a new study."

Source: AP, 07/22/2022

"Biden Cites Climate Threat, Stops Short of Declaring Emergency"

"President Joe Biden called climate change an “existential threat” and unveiled new policies to fight its effects -- including opening additional offshore areas to wind farms -- after Senator Joe Manchin’s objections halted broader legislation to curb rising temperatures."

Source: Bloomberg, 07/21/2022


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