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FWS Seeks Comments on ANWR Polar Bear Study; Critics See Drilling Push

"A decision by the Department of the Interior to open up comments on a scientific study looking at how polar bears are impacted by oil and gas activity is raising questions from observers who say the department may be looking to undermine any opposition to drilling in protected Alaskan wilderness."

Source: The Hill, 02/19/2020

"Facing Catastrophic Climate Change, They Still Can’t Quit Big Oil"

"NUIQSUT, Alaska — The varnished wooden cross stands amid a cluster of grave markers tilted at odd angles in the cemetery, because the ground beneath them is sinking. Rising temperatures are thawing the once-frozen earth, forming pools of water that run through the graveyard."

Source: Washington Post, 12/16/2019

Arctic Refuge in Spotlight for 2020 Over 'License to Drill'?

Millions of acres of pristine Arctic wilderness long at the heart of a national debate over energy development and conservation are expected to be in the news again in 2020, with renewed plans to open land for drilling. The latest TipSheet explains the backstory and why the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge matters, plus story ideas and reporting resources.

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December 15, 2019

DEADLINE: Ecotrust's Rural Reporting Fellowship

This yearlong fellowship is for a journalist living in and reporting on a rural community in Northern California, Oregon, Washington or Alaska. $25,000 stipend plus expenses. Journalists who identify as Black, Indigenous and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply by the Dec 15, 2019 deadline.


Trump Wanted An Arctic Refuge Lease Sale This Year. He's Out Of Time

"Top Trump administration officials have said that they plan to hold an oil and gas lease sale in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before the end of the year. But that goal now appears out of reach because of two procedural steps still necessary before a sale can take place."

Source: Alaska's Energy Desk , 11/04/2019

News Can Net Eyeballs By Turning Dweebish Data Into Magic Maps

When it comes to telling environment and energy stories, especially about place and scale, data visualizations can turn an average story into a standout. Reporter’s Toolbox takes a look at some recent examples of inspiring data-mapping projects that provide insight into everything from auto emissions and floods to vanishing rivers and whipping winds.

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