Alaska and Hawaii

"Ruling Clouds EPA Pebble Veto, but Mine Remains Unlikely"

"The EPA will likely need to revise its rationale for protecting Alaska’s Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble Mine following the Supreme Court’s June ruling in a pivotal Clean Water Act case, but the mine is still unlikely to proceed, legal experts say."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 06/22/2023

Both Sides Now — How Permitting Reform May Affect Fossil Fuel, Clean Energy Industries

It’s a political knot with the potential to tangle the fossil energy industry, the clean energy industry … or both. Environmental journalists looking to better report on the impacts of permitting reform can start with our latest Backgrounder, which explores the issue’s recent history and the competing visions that have stalled changes. There’s also the “backroom problem.” Plus, get a rundown of key actors.

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The Seven Stages of Beach Exploitation (and Restoration)

When most people think of coastal tourist destinations, they imagine beaches lined by palm trees and exclusive resorts. But those are exactly the kind of realities that contribute to the environmental and economic decline of coastal communities and their local residents, argues a new book. Contributing Editor Jenny Weeks has our review in the new BookShelf.

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"How Warming Ruined a Crab Fishery and Hurt an Alaskan Town"

"As the world warms, extended spikes in ocean temperatures are triggering the collapse of key marine populations. For the Aleut community of St. Paul, Alaska, the loss of the snow crab fishery is having a profound economic impact and raising questions about the future."

Source: YaleE360, 06/12/2023

"Many Young Voters Bitter Over Biden’s Support of Willow Oil Drilling"

"In the past three weeks, President Biden’s administration has proposed regulations to speed the transition to electric vehicles, committed $1 billion to help poor countries fight climate change and prepared what could be the first limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. And yet, many young voters alarmed by climate change remain angry with Mr. Biden’s decision last month to approve Willow, an $8 billion oil drilling project on pristine federal land in Alaska."

Source: NYTimes, 04/25/2023


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