US, Canada Agree On Modernizing 60-Year-Old Pact On Columbia River

"The United States and Canada have reached an agreement in principle on modernizing a 60-year-old pact on Columbia River flood control and power generation, and work on draft amendments will begin in the coming weeks, they said on Thursday."

Source: Reuters, 07/16/2024
September 27, 2024 to September 29, 2024

Canadian Animal Law Conference

Animal Justice's annual event, this year in Toronto, includes sessions on aquatic animal law & ethics, agricultural exceptionalism, "enriched" cages, selective media coverage, ag gag laws, wildlife policies, biodiversity and more. A related Student Animal Law Conference takes place on Sep 27 (travel funding available). 


Carbon Capture Will Extend Oil Production by 84 Years, Industry Study Finds

"A major Canadian oil field in the province of Saskatchewan would likely have reached the end of its life eight years ago. But thanks to carbon capture and storage, a technology widely touted by the oil and gas industry and some political leaders as a key solution for climate change, the field could still be producing 1.5 million barrels of oil annually by the year 2100."

Source: DeSmog, 06/11/2024


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