Natural Resources

"UN Gathering Gears Up For Push To Save Planet’s Biodiversity"

"Nearly all the world’s countries kicked off a U.N.-backed meeting Monday aimed at preventing the loss of biodiversity — seen as critical to avoiding the extinction of many vulnerable species, the emergence of pathogens like the coronavirus, and the damage to both lives and livelihoods of people around the world, Indigenous peoples in particular."

Source: AP, 03/15/2022

How Buffalo Bill and a Civil War General Saved Yellowstone National Park

"In 1883, the public was transfixed by Yellowstone National Park, and not in a good way. This 2-million-acre natural treasure — mostly in Wyoming but with some land in Montana and Idaho — was being despoiled by commercial interests through the slaughter of wild animals, unrestricted logging and vandalism of hot springs."

Source: Washington Post, 03/11/2022

UN Ocean Treaty Is ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Chance To Protect The High Seas

"The world has a “once in a lifetime” chance to protect the high seas from exploitation, warned scientists and environmentalists, as negotiators meet at the UN headquarters in New York this week to hammer out a new treaty on the oceans."

Source: Guardian, 03/11/2022

"US Officials Reverse Course On Pesticide’s Harm To Wildlife"

"U.S. wildlife officials reversed their previous finding that a widely used and highly toxic pesticide could jeopardize dozens of plants and animals with extinction, after receiving pledges from chemical manufacturers that they will change product labels for malathion so that it’s used more carefully by gardeners, farmers and other consumers."

Source: AP, 03/09/2022


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