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"New Atlas of Bird Migration Shows Extraordinary Journeys"

"A bay-breasted warbler weighs about the same as four pennies, but twice a year makes an extraordinary journey. The tiny songbird flies nearly 4,000 miles (6,437 kilometers) between Canada’s spruce forests and its wintering grounds in northern South America."

Source: AP, 09/16/2022

Congress Studies Addition Of Lynching Sites To National Park System

"The U.S. House is considering a bill that would put lynching sites in western Tennessee on track to become part of the National Park Service, part of a trend this year of Congress using the agency to advance discussions of the nation’s troubled and often violent racial history."

Source: States Newsroom, 09/12/2022

Enviros Seek To List Rare NV Springsnail As Endangered Due To Lithium Mine

"A group of conservationists are seeking to get a tiny rare Nevada springsnail listed as an endangered or threatened species, arguing that the species is threatened by a planned lithium mine in Thacker Pass."

Source: States Newsroom, 09/12/2022

Will Congress Pass Manchin’s Energy Permitting 'Side Deal'?

In the fine print of the historic Biden climate bill is a controversial commitment to pass legislation on fossil fuel permitting, a measure deeply opposed by the environmental community and calling for heavy political muscle to move through Congress this month. Issue Backgrounder details what’s in it, and what’s not, and takes the measure of the measure’s prospects.

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Drought Frontlines: Mexican Communities Strive To Save Every Drop Of Water

"Sixteen Indigenous Zapotec communities in Mexico have created over 579 water infrastructure projects, including absorption wells, small dams and water pans, to conserve water in the Oaxaca Valley – a region impacted by recurrent droughts."

Source: Mongabay, 09/08/2022

"Group Seeks Endangered Species Protection For West Coast Bull Kelp"

"An environmental group is seeking Endangered Species Act protections for underwater forests of bull kelp along the West Coast." "Bull kelp is critical to Oregon coastal ecosystems that historically supported sea otters, urchins and sunflower sea stars."

Source: OPB, 09/07/2022


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