Brazil Lawsuits Allege Direct Relationship Between Meatpackers, Deforesters

"Meat processing giant JBS SA and three other slaughterhouses are facing lawsuits seeking millions of dollars in environmental damages for allegedly purchasing cattle raised illegally in a protected area in the Brazilian Amazon."

Source: AP, 12/22/2023

"Biden Moves To Ban Most Old-Growth Logging In National Forests"

"The most ancient trees still standing in America’s national forests would get new protections under a proposal the Biden administration announced Tuesday that would ban most logging in groves that play a vital role in fighting climate change."

Source: Washington Post, 12/20/2023

"Brazil Congress Overturns Lula Veto On Limit To Indigenous Land Claims"

"Brazil's Congress on Thursday overturned a presidential veto that had struck down the core of a bill to limit Indigenous land claims, setting up a likely clash at the Supreme Court."

Source: Reuters, 12/15/2023

"How Mounting Demand for Rubber Is Driving Tropical Forest Loss"

"The growing market for rubber is a major, but largely overlooked, cause of tropical deforestation, new analysis shows. Most of the rubber goes to produce tires, more than 2 billion a year, and experts warn the transition to electric vehicles could accelerate rubber use."

Source: YaleE360, 12/08/2023

Reporter Unravels Complex Dynamic Between Climate Change and Nature

Nature-based climate solutions have become a much-talked-of topic, one that journalist Gabriel Popkin turned into a loose beat through which to explore the complicated realities beyond some easy narratives. The resulting stories were published widely to high praise, and in the latest Inside Story Q&A, Popkin spoke about his efforts and offered up five critical factors for producing original, impactful journalism.

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