As Disasters Worsen, Calif. Looks at Curbing Construction in Risky Areas

"At the start of wildfire season, California’s insurance regulator has backed sweeping changes to discourage home building in fire-prone areas, including looking at cutting off new construction in those regions from what is often their only source of insurance — the state’s high-risk pool."

Source: NYTimes, 06/07/2021

"Save Fairy Creek: The Battle Over Western Canada's Ancient Forests"

"The dispute over felling British Columbia’s ancient forests has been thrust into the limelight by a months-long blockade of private logging company Teal Jones in the Fairy Creek watershed on western Vancouver Island. Protests that started last August have intensified in recent weeks, leading to more than 150 arrests."

Source: Reuters, 06/07/2021

"Shocking Study Finds 10% Of World's Giant Sequoias Killed By Castle Fire"

"At least a tenth of the world's mature giant sequoias were destroyed by a single wildfire that tore through the southern Sierra Nevada late last year, according to a draft report prepared by scientists with the National Park Service and shared with the Visalia Times-Delta."

Source: Visalia Times Delta, 06/04/2021

"‘Nothing Looks Good’: Agencies Preparing For Rough Wildfire Season"

"Wearing soot-smudged, fire-resistant clothing and helmets, several wildland firefighters armed with hoes moved through a stand of ponderosa pines as flames tore through the underbrush. The firefighters weren’t there to extinguish the fire. They had started it."

Source: AP, 05/28/2021

Canadian Journalists Take RCMP to Court Over Fairy Creek Access Bans

"The Canadian Association of Journalists, along with a group of news organizations and press freedom groups, says it plans to take the RCMP to court over its decision to restrict media coverage at the Fairy Creek blockades. Journalists from all over B.C. have been covering the demonstrations against the logging of old-growth trees near Port Renfrew."

Source: CBC News, 05/27/2021
June 10, 2021

SEJ Webinar: Investigating Extractive Industries

Join SEJ June 10 to hear from leading reporters whose powerful investigations have increased transparency about extractive industries in the Americas. You will see inspiring examples of investigations into logging, mining and fishing and walk away with tips for staying safe while staying true to the story. 1:30-2:30 p.m. ET.


Forest Inventory May Provide Trail Guide to Ongoing Policy Crisis

U.S. forests face damage from drought, climate-driven disease and wildfire. To help track the state of our trees, Reporter’s Toolbox explores a massive set of Forest Service databases that details everything from deforestation and dead fuel status to deforestation and species mix. There’s even info on urban forests and grasslands. A closer look at the Forest Inventory and Analysis program.

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"U.S. Proposes Big Increase In Forest Management To Tackle Wildfires"

"The United States must double or quadruple the rate at which it thins and removes dead wood from its forests to reduce the threat of wildfires that have become more frequent and severe due to climate change, the Biden administration said on Thursday."

Source: Reuters, 05/21/2021


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